Cheap thrills! Poundland has added more items to its sex toy range

First off, I hope you appreciate my dedication to this blog as I took pictures of sex toys in Poundland while the security guard eyed me up like I was some kind of pervert.

Secondly, I know a blog post on sex toys isn’t for everyone, but thought some of you would appreciate it (even for the laughs), and also, no other publication has noticed it yet, and you know, I’m all about the ego and like to get things ‘out there’ first.

Poundland sex toys

What sex toys are in the range?

I know, you’re buzzzzzing to find out what you can get your hands on with 100 British pennies. Poundland has famously stocked a vibrator and lube for the last few years, but now they’ve added a ‘joy ring’, ‘finger fun simulator’ and some posh looking lube called ‘nooky’.

Poundland Sex Toys

Now, I’m not 100% sure that the new ‘Nooky’ branded items are actually made by Poundland, or if they are another brand made by someone else that Poundland is stocking.

Poundland Sex Toys

I did a bit of research online to see if the Nooky sex toys were sold elsewhere and I could find nothing in the UK. However, in the USA, there is a sex subscription box called Nooky, so *maybe* they are items from that, but I’m not sure. If so, the toys in Poundland are worth quite a bit because that box is expensive!

Poundland sex toys

Anyway, I probably should have bought them to give you more of a detailed look of the product, but I’m far too British and repressed to actually go to the till and buy sex toys. Don’t judge me! ha!

If you do buy them though, let me know what they’re like (obviously, not *what they’re like*, this is a family site – maybe…? and you may ruin my dinner), but more the quality of the toys are like. The boxes and design felt expensive and well made if that helps.

Poundland sex toys

Oh, and after you’ve tried the toys out, Poundland also sells pregnancy tests that may come in useful. They’re supposed to be as good as ones 10 x the price, so I don’t see why you’d pay more.

Poundland sex toys

So there we have it, a post on sex toys. It’s a new one for me, but seriously – if it is something you wanted me to feature more on the site (offers, bargains, glitches etc), let me know.

Because I spotted the toys this morning, and am writing this up now (it’s a Sunday), I’ve not been able to confirm everything with Poundland. However, have pinged off an email asking them to clarify a few things and will update the blog when I get word back.

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