CareToShare – How you can learn new skills for FREE

My mate Joe (we used to work at MoneySavingExpert together) is a proper techie genius and has created the loveliest website – CareToShare, which will save you a serious amount of cash if you want to learn a new skill.


What is CareToShare?

Lets imagine you wanted to learn the trumpet (why wouldn’t you, officially the best musical instrument – and I genuinely can play!), and happen to speak Spanish. CareToShare would match you up with someone who plays the trumpet, who wants to learn Spanish.


Back in my day, music lessons were easily £20 – £30 an hour – so this is an amazing way to learn a skill for free. Personal tuition is far from cheap.

Basically, its skill exchange.

How does it work?

CareToShare has a nifty little tool which finds all the people in your area who are offering/wanting to swap skills.

So in my area, there’s someone who is a make-up artist who is willing to exchange skills for dog walking – I’m SO up for that!


If you want to learn something specific (I suppose you don’t need to be close by,  if you can do it over Skype), you can search the whole site for people who can teach you that skill.

Joe tells me they’re always adding new ‘skills’ (there are literally hundreds) and you can message them if there are any missing, but some examples of the skills you can swap include:

  • Acting
  • Speech Writing
  • Maths (I totally need this)
  • Accounting and finance
  • Blogging
  • eBay selling
  • Interview Training
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Tennis
  • Home Swaps (Fancy Italy for the summer – free?)

How to get involved with CareToShare

Of course, sign up and get involved is the easiest way. You’re never too old (or young) to learn new skills and here’s the opportunity to do it without spending hundreds, or even thousands of pounds.

Support them (they’re new) by liking their Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter page.

How much did learning a new skill cost you? I’m really keen on learning the guitar (maybe I could exchange for some blogging lessons). Talk to me in the comments! 🙂

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