Charlotte Burns has appeared in local and national press (incl radio) as well as writing for numerous publications and online media.

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Huffington Post, Top tips on how to start budgeting at university, Sep 22 2015

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Student Money Saver

Charlotte is currently editor at Student Money Saver, the UK’s biggest student money saving website. Some notable articles she has written include:

How to make money on YouTube, Oct 2015

A-level results day: everything you need to know, Aug 2015

Best graduate bank accounts guide, Aug 2015

Student Bank Account Comparison 2015/2016, Aug 2016

The 9 biggest financial mistakes you can make as a student, Jul 2015

Shoe trick – slash the price of your UGGs, Nike and Converse, Jul 2015

Everything you need to know about warranties, Jul 2015

Flight delayed? Get up to £430 compensation (it’s free to do!), Jul 2015

How to Womble (and make £100’s at the supermarket), Jun 2015

Netflix hack – Access USA Netflix to get 1000s of extra films, March 2015

Tesco loophole – get £60 Tesco food shop for £15, Mar 2015

How I went on holiday to NYC for £500 inc 4 star hotel & flights, Mar 2015

Blag a free flight upgrade, Mar 2015

Flight loophole – slash the price of your flight in half, Feb 2015

Charlotte was a writer/researcher at MoneySavingExpert for three years, within that time getting her own DealsHunter blog. Here are some notable pieces:

Extreme Couponing – How to save £100s by taking couponing to the max, Nov 2014

Can you find ‘em? Norwegian Air London to LA flights from £330 rtn (usually about £450 – £550ish), Oct 2014

British Bake Off fever? Get your baking goods for a quid, Oct 2014

£7.50 Champagne trick? Min 6 bottles, Oct 2014

Finish your pen and get a tenner, Oct 2014

Wear a dressing gown and get a free £5 breakfast, Oct 2014

Ghoulish glitch? 1p Cadbury Screme Eggs, Oct 2014

The top ten toys your kids will want for Christmas and where they are on sale, Sep 2014

How your kids can grab a Blue Peter badge to get free entry to 200+ attractions, incl Legoland, London Zoo, Sep 2014

Find out what’s in the Next sale before it starts, Sep 2014

Make your toddler’s first shoes last longer, Sep 2014

Buy £1.50 frozen pizza, get UNLIMITED free pizzas till Oct, Sep 2014

Top moneysaving tips for cash-strapped students, Sep 2014

Pre-packed vs individual groceries – what’s cheapest? Aug 2014

Bag 15% off school uniforms and you might even get free embroidery, Aug 2014

Must have action figures for £1? You’d better Belieb it, Aug 2014

The battle of the shower gels: Which one is truly mint?, Aug 2014

Find a hunk and get a free bottle of Diet Coke, Jul 2014

How to spot a review you can trust, Jul 2014

Free Subway rumour – it could bag you free breakfast, Jul 2014

How to slash the cost of your daily cuppa, Jul 2014

Can you haggle with your local hairdresser?, Jun 2014

Always get your herbs for half-price, May 2014

Get unlimited £6 baby gift sets for £1, Apr 2014

Want a beach body? Get 75% off your fitness gear, Apr 2014

This is not just a bargain… It’s an M&S bargain!, Apr 2014

Fill your Boots with this discount trick, Mar 2014