Aldi’s Choco Changer (Tony’s Chocolonely dupe)

Thought I’d do a quick post while on maternity leave as spotted that Aldi has launched a new chocolate bar with Tony’s Chocolonely – and well, chocolate is my favourite subject, so couldn’t help myself but dust off the laptop.

I discovered Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars in summer 2020 and now rarely eat other brands. I can’t stand the taste of Cadbury’s now – it tastes so ‘claggy’ compared to Tony’s. Is that a proper word? I’m being a little dramtic, not going to say no to a free bar of Dairy Milk Caramel, but would never choose it these days. I think the quality has gone down hill over the last few years.

Thing is, Tony Chocolonely bars are expensive – often around £4 a bar. And considering I can finish a bar before I even get home from the shop, the cost can add up.

That said, I don’t mind splashing out on it now and then as the cocoa beans Tony’s Chocolonely uses are responsibly sourced and are 100% slave-free. These two things seem like something every chocolate brand should be doing, but it’s just not the case.

Because of this, I think spending more is worth it if you can afford it. However – there’s a cheaper option now.

Choceur Choco Changer

I was chuffed to discover that Tony’s Chocolonely has collaborated with Aldi to make their bars together, and are half the price. You can read all about it here.

It comes in three flavours, Hazelnut, salted caramel and 70% dark chocolate. I’ve not tried a bar yet, but if they are close to the quality of Tony’s Chocolonely – the £1.99 price tag is great value for the quality and ethics of the bar.

If you’ve bought one – let me know what you think.

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