Nandos £5.95 chicken burger meal ‘trick’

Ok, ok – this isn’t a ‘trick’ as such, but I was genuinely impressed when I saw TikToker Max Balegde’s £6 Nando’s dinner, I just had to share it with you.

By the way, if you’re on TikTok, check out Max’s channel – he’s actually hilarious.

I find Nandos really expensive for what it is, so I don’t go too often – but I know people are absolutely obsessed with the food chain.

Oh, slightly off-topic but if you have two minutes for a laugh – remember when a thief used my Deliveroo account to order a load of Nandos? The drama! I had their address and phone number.

Nando’s £6 Children’s Chicken Burger Meal

A standard chicken burger is £6.95, 1 side (chips) £9.50, and the 2nd side (rice) £11.50. BUT – As you can see in the video, Max ordered a Children’s meal (also known as the Nandinos menu!), which costs £5.95 – but looks like amazing value if you aren’t super hungry.

Slight curveball – Max confusingly says that his meal cost £6.50, but I looked at the Nandos menu and it says £5.95 – so maybe it’s slightly more expensive in some restaurants? Anyone got a clue?

Max with a chicken burger and chips

He points out that you get a full fillet of chicken in the burger (looks like you only get the choice of lemon and herb, but there are hotter sauces for free around the restuarants to you can use to spice it up), a decent-sized amount of chips and a portion of rice which is “pretty much” the same size as the standard size portion. Bargain.

So yeah, thought this might be useful to some of you.

Tell me, what level of spice do you put on your Nandos? I’m hot, hot, hot all the way. I’m not happy unless my eyes are watering!


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