Where to buy cheap plus size clothes – including hacks

If you’re over a size 16, shopping gets complicated. Finding good quality and/or fashionable cheap plus size clothes is a nightmare and annoyingly, you have to pay more for what you do find. Thank god for the internet eh, because there are more plus size options than ever before (I remember the days of having to shop in the high-street *shudder*).

So here is the list of my favourite plus size stores and how you can get a discount:


cheap plus size clothes

For me, ASOS Curve has the best plus size selection – going up to a size 30. The sizing is pretty spot on, but I do think quality can be a bit up and down. As well as the Curve selection, ASOS carries other plus size clothing including Coast Plus, Elvi, Junarose and Pink Clove.


You can ALWAYS get 10% off full-priced items at ASOS if you have an NUS card (not a student? Doesn’t matter, here’s how you can get one). This is sometimes boosted to 20%.

Make sure you sign up to the newsletter, because on your birthday you’ll get an exclusive ASOS discount code which from my experience has either been 20%, but more recently 15% off.

There is also a loyalty scheme called ASOS A-list, which works along side the student discount. You earn five points per £1, and you need 500 points to get a £5 voucher.


cheap plus size clothes

Navabi is all about classic styles and really well made clothes that go up to a size 36. The clothes really aren’t cheap, but are luxurious and the quality is on-point, so a piece will last you a long time.


By signing up to the Navabi website (a box should pop up with the option to sign up), and you’ll get a 15% off code to use on your first order.

I’m a big fan of the sale, because its there I can afford to buy the clothes (though there is stuff for £15 – I’m being a bit dramatic, but go and have a look, you’ll see what I mean).

There are usually vouchers for Navabi, a quick look now you can get a 20% off voucher from Vouchercodes.

New Look Inspire

cheap plus size clothes

New Look has had one of the oldest plus size sections I can remember. It was one of the only places you could buy fashionable plus size clothes back in the day. New Look is cheap too – and you can get some items ridiculously cheap in the sale if you wait for the 70% sale.

When you sign up to the New Look newsletter, you’ll be given a voucher code you can use on your first shop. Right now, you get a whopping 30% off, so it’s really worth signing up.

You also get 10% off (sometimes 20% during promotions) if you use your student card. Again, if you’re not a student – no bother – here’s how EVERYONE can get a student card.

If you google ‘New Look discount code’, you’re likely find a load of discount codes you can use. Right now there’s a generic 10% off one, which is better than nothing!

River Island (RI Plus)

cheap plus size clothes

River Island (RI Plus) is the newest high-street store going up to a size 18 – and it’s glorious. You know how some stores have great clothes and then the plus size section is shocking (looking at you H&M)? The River Island plus size section is just as nice, and just as fashionable as the standard size section.


The student discount is really generous at River Island, offering you 20% off on full priced items when you flash your card/or enter your NUS number (here’s how you get a student card if you’re not a student).

It’s a new section, and I’ve not seen any general voucher codes yet – but they do internal promotions all the time, such as 30% off coats etc. And of course, the sale is stonkingly good.

Simply Be

cheap plus size clothes

I used to avoid Simply Be, thinking the clothes were old fashioned and the site was too busy (which it still is). However, recently I’ve noticed its selling absolutely stunning plus sized items (especially pretty going out dresses and sports outfits) going up to a size 34. I think the quality of the clothes is brilliant and I have a dress designed by Claire from Steps which I ALWAYS get compliments for. I think Simply Be understands plus sized bodies a bit better than other brands.


There always seems to be some sort of sale running, so you can get discounted items and nine times out of 10 there is a voucher code on vouchercodes. Right now there’s 10% off your first spend and free delivery for SimplyBe newbies.


cheap plus size clothes

Evans used to be the king of plus size shopping right? However, it got old fashioned and ugly fast… but lately, it has had some amazing collections which are fashion forward and young – up to a size 32.

Brands you can buy are Curvy Kate (stunning underwear) and Gemma Collins which believe it or not, she has designed some really beautiful things. Like, kaftans and long dresses you’d wear in Marbs!


Evans doesn’t discount a lot, but does run voucher promotions now and then. Right now for example (at time of writing anyway) you can get 20% off everything.

These are my favourite brands that specialise in cheap plus size clothes, but have I missed any out? Any money saving tricks? Let me know in the comments.


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