Why you shouldn’t pay for broadband upfront – even though its cheaper

How many of you are happy with your internet speed? The price you’re paying? The service you’re receiving? IF you are, I am jealous but pleased for you, but if you’re not – you know how frustrating it can be.

I’m sat here after a workout annoyed. I’m doing this new exercise programme online (LRG Fitness if you want a nose). It’s a HIIT workout so you have to do 45 secs of high-intensity workouts, then rest for a few seconds and so on. So BELIEVE me, I am quick to lose my temper when doing squats to find that the video keeps buffering making the process a whole lot longer. Any extra movement than is necessary is not OK with me! 😉

It’s beyond me, that in central London, during off-peak times – I can’t get a video to play properly. My internet speed is THAT bad. I don’t live in the countryside, or have a mansion, or live in a flat share. It’s a one bed flat in Tooting.


This is not a new thing

I moved into my flat in September last year and looked for a broadband bargain. There was a Plusnet deal on MoneySavingExpert where you paid for the whole 12 months up front. I paid £192.87 for the 12 months.

So that’s £16.07 a month for internet connection (we have a Freeview box and Netflix so don’t need a TV package), and also a £100 cashback voucher – so came out pretty cheap.

No matter how cheap, it’s fair to expect reasonable internet speeds. I should be able to watch a video on YouTube. My boyfriend and I should be able to both use the internet to browse Facebook at the same time.

So of course, I complained. Now, I have spent HOURS on email chats and phone calls trying to sort it out.

Plusnet would say things like, try moving your router, look for a quieter line – but no real help. But I wouldn’t give up.

Eventually, they said that I was getting the maximum speeds I could get (even said sorry, they know its slow), and it’s not going to get any better unless I upgrade to Fibre Optic, which was a load more money.

Here’s the problem

The thing about bad broadband is that you’re totally entitled to up and leave if you want. It’s surprisingly easy to do.

But I’ve already paid and I’m not getting my money back. I can’t haggle a cheaper deal or threaten them with leaving – I’m trapped. It is non-refundable.


I think I saved £60 by paying up-front, but not having the internet connection you NEED (I work online) is not worth that saving.

I’d have threatened to leave, demanded a free upgrade, asked for the cost of my contract to be slashed – I would have left. But I can’t, and the minute you pay it all off, they don’t care about you. Why would they? They have your money.

I’m not saying paying up front isn’t worth it if you’re sure you’re going to get the service and speeds you want, but if speed is VERY important, it may not be worth the risk for you.

What’s your broadband speed like? Have you ever had to complain? Talk to me in the comments.

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