Airlines are hiking prices for Sept onwards – Think twice about re-booking your cancelled holiday

You’re probably sick of hearing me bang on about it, but I’ve had to cancel my holiday in April to Texas, and am currently in the process of trying to get my money back.

Coronavirus has shaken the travel industry to its core and has seen whole airlines struggle, with some, such as Flybe failing.

Easter is a big time to travel thanks to all those extra bank holidays, so there will be thousands of us with that time, and money back.

Airlines are ramping up their prices

I bet a lot of you are like me. Once I have all my money back (it’s really not guaranteed though) and it’s safe to travel again, I want to get out of this flat, and out of this country! I want blue cocktails, white sand and handsome men playing the steel drums in the background.

Airlines know this. It’s a mix of supply and demand (we’re all thinking the same!) and probably a little bit of desperation. If people are willing to pay £2,000 more for a flight, they’ll charge it.

Jon from The Money Shed (check out his flight refund hack) has booked to go to Disney World in September. He paid around £1,600 for his flight, and they’ve now gone up to a massive £3,297!

This isn’t surprising. I’m not even sure I’m mad. It won’t be all companies, airlines or specific flights either – but just be wary.

Why you should think twice about rebooking your holiday

I don’t have a crystal ball, so you do you. Rebooking for Sept/Oct/Nov and spending a lot more might genuinely work out best for you. I really don’t know.

Even if the flight later on in the year is the same price (or maybe cheaper), I still wouldn’t recommend booking now.

But here are my thoughts on this:

  1. It might not be safe to travel from September The Coronavirus isn’t going to be over in a few weeks. This could go on until next year. Even if we are allowed to travel again from the autumn, you may not feel comfortable doing it – especially if you’re someone *vulnerable*.
  2. You probably won’t be insured Insurance companies aren’t all that happy paying out for cancelled holidays because of Coronavirus already. I would be amazed if they would cover you if you book now, fully aware Covid-19 is a pandemic, and then still can’t travel because of it later in the year. You’ll be out of pocket.
  3. You don’t know if airlines/travel companies will survive this There isn’t a single company in the industry that isn’t struggling right now. If you book with someone and it goes under, you aren’t guaranteed to get your money back (my insurer doesn’t cover the airline collapsing, for example).
  4. You may have to revaluate your finances Many of us will have hundreds/thousands of pounds returned to us because of cancelled holidays. Really consider if you should spend all that now, as times are going to be really tough for most of us over the next few months. As much as we’re all going to want to go on holiday in September and onwards, I’m not sure there is going to be the demand the airlines and holiday companies are hoping there will be.

The minute it’s safe to go, and I’m sure the holiday will go ahead, I’m going for it. I’m sat in my tiny house – WITH NO GARDEN – dreaming of that day.

The industry does need our money and so does the global economy. I just think we should be sensible and see how the land lies before we pay over-inflated prices now.

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