The Aldi cycling range – Items starting from £1.99

I am a cycling widow. Yep, my boyfriend is obsessed with his bike and even though they cost thousands of pounds, he convinces himself he’s saving money on travel (I’m going to get jip from him for that comment!).

Even though a bike is an obscene amount of money (oh, and one is never enough apparently!), you don’t have to spend a huge amount on all the gear – because the Aldi collection is about as good as it gets.

aldi cycling

We keep an eye out for the cycling Specialbuys (which sell out quickly) because the items are of an amazing quality and a fraction of the price of other biking gear.

Seriously, my boyfriend bikes to work every day, and goes mountain biking at least once a week (though he’d disagree) and he only wears Aldi items.

aldi cycling

There’s a t-shirt (pictured above) with camo, which Harry hasn’t taken off his back yet – which is that perfect thin material which doesn’t absorb sweat.

I spent ages trying to find t-shirts with that material for my dad to go to Florida as its just so comfortable to wear in the heat and the cheapest ones I could find were at least £20, whereas this one is £4.99.

aldi cycling

Really decent cycling sunglasses cost just £1.99 and considering he breaks his constantly means you don’t have to panic too much if they fall off your face while biking.

aldi cycling

The cycling jersey is only £7.99 and there’s no way you’d know it was that cheap. You’d certainly be looking to spend twice that much.

We also really liked the jacket which fits into a little bag which you can pull out if it starts raining.

aldi cycling

If you are a cyclist who is serious about your sport, or a bit like me who has a bike for sunny days in the park – keep an eye out for the sportswear at Aldi, because the quality is amazing and there’s just no need to spend more than necessary.

Any other cycling widows out there? Talk to me! haha.


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