Lacura, by Aldi reviewed – Make-up, cosmetics, skincare dupes

You know how much I love Aldi’s dupes, but am particularly keen on its Lacura range, which has some amazing beauty and make-up products which are heavily (ahem) ‘inspired’ on big make-up products for a fraction of the price.

Aldi tends to find those expensive products that people are obsessed with/or sell out quickly and get to it, trying to make a version that is exactly the same, but for Aldi prices. I like their Chutzpah personally. It gives people who can’t afford expensive make-up the opportunity to have luxurious items, while people who do pay out, can now save their pennies!

It’s particularly good because the Lacura range is Leaping Bunny certified which means that they have not been tested on animals (unlike some of the make-up and beauty products the items are based on!).

Lacura cosmetics and skincare are super popular and sell out quickly. Some are stocked all year round, while others are Specialbuy items. The same goes for if they’re sold online or if you can buy them in-store. Long story short, if there is a product you want, don’t hang around and you never know when they’ll come back in stock- if they even will at all.

I’m on a mission to try out and review every single Lacura product out there and will let you as much unbiased information on the brand as possible. Let me know in the comments what I should review next!

Aldi Lacura Skincare

Beauty experts, editors, bloggers etc are obsessed with Aldi skincare. A tiny fraction of the cost of the creams that it’s copying, the skincare looks the same, works the same – but also has the same important ingredients. Everything is vegan too.

There is a standard collection that is always in-store and now online, but Aldi is always bringing out new Lacura ranges all the time which are a limited edition.

Lacura Q10 Anti Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 20 – Nivea Q10 Anti Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 15 Dupe

Aldi Lacura Q10 Day Cream cost: £1.45 in-store and online

Nivea Q10 Day Cream cost: £12.99 RRP (everywhere), but it’s half price throughout the year.

What does the Aldi Lacura Q10 Day Cream do? 

I just can’t get over how good the Aldi Lacura Q10 day cream is, especially for the price. It’s an absolutely incredible product. The website says it’s made with the finest, results-driven ingredients including:

  • Peptide Complex, Hyaluronic Acid and Coenzyme Q10
  • UVA/UVB filter system with SPF20
  • Dermatologically tested

If you compare with the Nivea Q10 face cream, it has more SPF (20 v 145) and is vegan as well (everything Aldi Lacura is).

LAcura Q10 Day Cream

Both of the jars at 50ml, but the Nivea skin cream looks smaller (it’s in a fatter pot). Both of the packagings uses the same colour scheme (blue white and yellow), but I prefer the look of the Nivea jar – it looks and feels more expensive.

I thought it was made of glass for a minute, but nope, both pots were made from plastic.

Smell wise, I can’t really tell the difference. They’re both subtle and fresh smelling (a bit like a face-wipe, is that a weird comparison?). The Nivea formula is light and fluffy, and sinks into the skin quickly while the Lacura formula is thicker, but melts beautifully.

I have got very dry skin (it can get flaky in the afternoon if it’s cold), but they both performed similarly, keeping my skin moisturised all day.

For me – I like them both, but I’d choose the Lacura one every time because that price point is incredible.

Lacura Q10 Day Cream

Lacura Q10 Day Cream reviews:

‘Lacura Q10 could be an expensive moisturiser, but it’s not. It has the look and feel of its more expensive competitors but at a fraction of the cost.’

‘Love this product, I mix it with my foundation and it goes on a treat. So glad to have found a cream with such a high SPF for such a great price.’

Lacura Q10 Anti Wrinkle Night Cream – Nivea Q10 Anti Wrinkle Night Cream Dupe

What does the Lacura Q10 Night Cream do?

You’re meant to slather the Aldi Lacura Q10 night cream on at night and fingers crossed it will stop you getting wrinkles. It’s a copy of the famous Nivea Q10 cream which promises the same thing.

Aldi Lacura Q10 Night Cream cost: £1.45 in-store and online

Nivea Q10 Night Cream cost: £10 online and in-store (everywhere) – but – I do often see it half price.

Aldi Lacura Q10 night cream

Can you believe that price?! £1.45 for a Nivea dupe. It’s brilliant, which is why the cream is so popular I suppose. Both the Lacura and Nivea night cream is 50ml, yet the Lacura one seems bigger because of the shape of the pot.

From looks, they look super similar. The same colours – also the Q10 name! If I had to be super picky I’d say the Nivea plastic is a little thicker, so feels more expensive – but you just wouldn’t notice if you weren’t trying to pick the pot apart.

Lacura Q10 Anti Wrinkle Night Cream

It’s what’s inside that counts though right? Ok smell. I’ve sniffed these pots a billion times. They aren’t quite the same, but they also kind of are. I know that’s a rubbish description (ha!). but the biggest difference is that the Lacura one smells stronger.

Feel wise, not quite the same again. I want to be clear – differences are minimal, but being super picky. The Lacura one feels thicker and balmier than the Nivea one, which is lighter and sinks into the skin easier.

I have super dry and sensitive skin and tried them both out over a few weeks. They were both think and lovely to put on and didn’t cause any reactions. Honestly, I got the same results – not difference.

The Aldi Lacura Q10 night cream has a load of 5-star reviews, including:

Wow, the results are amazing. A cream that was non-greasy, was well absorbed and kept my skin nice and hydrated. An added bonus is the smell. Some women are complaining about it but I find it lovely!’

‘This is my favourite night cream ever and I tried lots of different brands before including Estee Lauder. I found Lacura Q10 night best of all, it melts into my skin and moisturises really well. I like it has got retinol – the only REAL anti ageing ingredient available without prescription from a dermatologist. Not many creams have retinol in them and if they do, they cost a fortune. Love it, love it, love it.’

Lacura Cleansing Facial Wipes – Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes Dupe

What does Lacura Cleansing Facial Wipes do?

I love a face wipe (I get a lot of jip from people about it) and the Aldi Lacura face wipes are my wipes of choice. They’re based on the Simple sensitive skin cleansing facial wipes.

The wipes are meant to cleanse, condition and moisturise your face, eye area and neck. They take off waterproof mascara too.

Both the Simple and Lacura facial wipes are fragrance-free, no artificial perfumes, colours, harsh chemicals etc so are OK to use with sensitive skin.

Lacura cleansing face wipes cost: 49p (in-store only)

Simple face wipes: £3.49 (online and in-store) but you can often find them on offer

Aldi Lacura reviewed

Let’s talk about the look of the packets. They’re not that similar, but you can see what Aldi is aiming for. They both give you 25 wipes too.

The Aldi Lacura packet promises everything the Simple ones do, but also have the added bonus of being animal cruelty-free.

aldi lacura reviewed

Apart from the Aldi Lacura wipe being bigger than Simple’s one, I can’t tell the difference. Similar bumps, thickness and moisture level. Both are just as good as the other.

I have very sensitive and dry skin. Any dodgy chemicals in a wipe will BURN my skin. I’ve been using the Aldi ones for years and apart from the Lacura Caviar face wipes which are only in-store now and then, these are my favourite.

Aldi lacura reviewed

I wanted to give these face wipes the ultimate make-up removing test. Let me introduce you to the best eyeliner in the world – the liquid eyeliner from Boot’s CYO make-up range and only costs £5.

Trust me when I say I’ve tried them all. £30 eyeliners, one’s magazines and celebrities recommend – they aren’t close to as good as this one. It doesn’t come off, well for 48 hours anyway.

Aldi Lacura Reviewed

I wrote Simple and Lacura on my arm in this semi-permanent eyeliner and gave each one two wipes to see what damage it would do.

To be honest, neither of them managed to them off (didn’t expect them to!), but they perform in exactly the same way.

Aldi Lacura Reviewed

I absolutely adore these Lacura cleansing wipes and are SO much cheaper than the Simple ones. Don’t waste your money spending more on the more expensive brand. Due

Aldi Lacura cosmetics

Lacura Snapshot Ready Primer – (Smashbox Photo Finish dupe)

What does the Lacura Primer do? This primer is a base layer for your foundation which is meant to give you the ultimate flawless look. It gets rid of fine lines and blurs the look of pores so your make-up looks incredible in pictures.

Aldi price: £5.99 (online and in-store)

Smashbox Price: £26.99 (online and in-store)


First off, I’ve been using the Smashbox Primer for years, so think I can safely say I’m a bit of an expert! It’s quite pricey, but it does last for ages and it completely changed my make-up game. It works.

When I got a first look of the Lacura Snapshot Ready primer, I was really excited about it – because look at it! It’s a proper knockoff!


I put a blob of each of the mixture on the back of my hand and I think you can tell from the picture that the formula is not the same.

The Smashbox primer is thicker and more rubbery, while the Lacura primer was more gel-like, and started to melt with the heat of my hand – unlike the more expensive brand.

That said, when I did rub it in, the Lacura formula felt the same as the Smashbox one and worked just as well. I don’t think it lasts as long as the Smashbox one, but you know what – it does the job. I was impressed with this one.


Lacura Snapshot Ready Primer customer reviews

Wow. I’ve used a more expensive primer that makes you photo finish ready and this a great alternative. I can’t tell the difference. Smoothed out my menopausal skin so my foundation was easy to apply and didn’t sit on my lines and wrinkles.


It does what it says! Blurred all my pores, especially the big ones on my nose. My drugstore foundation looked like the end ones because of it. My make up stayed longer too! Highly recommended!!!

Lacura Broadway Shape & Glow – (Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow dupe)

What does the Lacura Broadway Shape & Glow do?

This is a powder duo for all your contouring needs – or ‘sculpting and highlighting’ your features.

Aldi Price: £6.99 (online and in-store)

Charlotte Tilbury Price: £49.00 (online and in-store)


I can’t believe I had never heard of contouring five years ago, but now thanks to Kim Kardashian giving away ‘Hollywood’s secret’, we’re all doing it and Charlotte Tibury’s version is iconic.

The plan is that with clever shading and highlighting, you can slim, sculpt, shorten trip and highlight your features.


The Lacura Broadway Shape & Glow is clearly based off the darker version of the Charlotte Tilbury product.

It looks beautiful and feels expensive. If I didn’t know Lacura was an Aldi brand, I would think it was designer product. Love the packaging.


I thought the formulas were super pigmented (I was pleasantly surprised!). There’s no need to build up the colour on the bronzer, or ‘sculpt’ colour as it’s really dark.

I really like the highlight too – and it didn’t feel dry at all. It’s glittery and with a quick swipe of the finger, found it had plenty of pigment.

Personally, I’ll be using this for trying to give myself cheekbones (I’ve got a moon-face! haha).


Lacura Broadway Shape & Glow customer reviews

I bought it just a day ago, tried once and I love it. I love the powdery structure of the product. I think it’s good value for money if you can’t afford high-end make-up.’


Love it. Better than some high-end brands.

Lacura Blush – (NARS blush dupe)

What does Lacura Blush do?

This is a simple one. It adds some subtle colour to your cheeks.

Aldi price: £5.99 (online and in-store)

NARS price: £24 (online and in-store)



This Lacura brush looks so like the NARS version it’s actually funny. It feels the same too – with a rubbery case.

It has a shimmery finish which is a really pretty coral colour and feels really nice on the skin. I personally like my blush subtle, but this is really buildable if you wanted a stronger look.


Aldi says that this is a universally flattering shades (NARS has a LOAD of different colours), and has flecks of gold shimmer in there.

Again, I really love this blush. I know there are some negative comments (see below), but I found it to be super pigmented and I like the glitter!


Lacura Blush customer reviews

Some good and bad in here:

This is an affordable blusher clearly inspired by the iconic and bestselling NARS peachy pink with gold shimmer, all the way down to the front of the letters on the matte black compact.

‘Gorgeous colour blush but very glittery. Could make a great eyeshadow or highlighter though.


This has little colour payoff and is incredibly glittery, no way a successful dupe for Nars. Unwearable on a more mature skin.

Lacura Aloha Bronzer – (Benefit Hoola bronzer dupe)

What does the Lacura Aloha Bronzer do?

An easy one. It’s supposed to give you a subtle beautifully bronzed look.

Benefit Lacura price: £5.99 (in-store and online)

Benefit price: £25.50 (in-store and online)


Sorry – but I HATE this. I wanted this to be brilliant as I’ve used Benefit’s Hoola since I was 18 years old (and ahem, I’m in my 30’s now), and yeah, I’d like a cheaper version.

This doesn’t cut it.


The Lacura Aloha Bronzer packaging feels amazing and it comes with a wooden brush just like the Benefit Hoola one.

And just from sight, the bronzer looks exactly the same too. Then I tried it.


First off, taking a picture of my hand close up has done nothing for my self-esteem! haha. Benefit’s Hoola is on the left and is very strong. I know if I go overboard when putting it on, I’m going to look odd. It’s best to slowly build up.

The thing is, Aldi’s Lacura Hoola bronzer just had no pigment to it. No colour was coming out and I tried to build it up. I’m not a fan.

Lacura Too Legit Mascara – (Benefit Too Real Mascara dupe)

What does Lacura Too Legit Mascara do?

It’s based on the iconic Benefit mascara (the world’s most popular mascara). It’s meant to creat dramatic length and volume. And yeah, all mascaras promise this – but Benefit’s one delivers! So can the Lacura Too Legit do this too?

Lacura Too Legit price: £5.99 (in-store and online)

Benefit price: £21.50 (in-store and online)


The name ‘Too Legit!’ properly cracks me up! Aldi do have a cheek mind – but I love it! The packaging is ridiculously similar on the outside and the inside.

I’ve been using pretty much exclusively Benefit’s They’re Real for over 10 years and it is the best mascara out there by a country mile. I don’t know what magic Benefit puts in there, but it works. I have quite stubby and short eyelashes and it does make them look really long.


As you can see from the pictures below, the brush of the Lacura Too Legit mascara is similar to the Benefit one, but thicker in the middle.

They both have the spiky bit at the stop where you get all the little eyelashes at the bottom of the eye etc.


However, because the brush was thicker, I found I had less control putting on the mascara than I usually do. I prefer the Benefit brush personally.

That said, I was really impressed with the results anyway. I got a similar result as I do with the Benefit one.


You know what, I’ll stick with the Lacura one, because even though I slightly prefer using the Benefit one – you just can’t justify spending so much more money.

It might just have been that I was used to the thinner brush and I’ll get used to the Lacura one soon. So yeah, highly recommend this one.


Oh, what I did want to say is that ignore the ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture on the Lacura box. Your eyelashes look good, but nothing like that.

In fact, they clearly have false eyelashes on right? Or am I imagining things?


Benefit Mascara Brush

Lacura Too Legit Mascara customer reviews

Applied this yesterday – 2 coats made my lashes massive! My cleanser couldn’t remove it last night and this morning it looks the same, with no transfer! A great product!


Great mascara with a really nice brush, just as good as the high-end one I bought many time. It’s a great benefit to have this if you know what I mean.

Naturals By Lacura Eyeshadow Palette – (Urban Decay Naked Palette Dupe)

What does Naturals By Lacura do?

Yep, this is eyeshadow based on the iconic and highly sought after Urban Decay Naked Palette (that’s hardly every reduced in price!).

Naturals By Lacura price: £5.99 (in-store and online)

Urban Decay Palette: £39.50 (in-store and online)


I’ve been using Aldi’s Lacura Naturals palette for months now and am a big fan (check out my full review from back in May).

There are two different palettes which come in and out of stick and each palette has 12 long-lasting natural shades.


The tins come with a brush and I really like the colours – which are really pigmented. You can do a load of looks with them. What do you think?



What do you think of Aldi’s Lacura Range? What have you tried? What should I review next? Let me know in the comments.



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