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Janet Jackson once said, ‘The best things in life are free’ (I Googled that saying and expected it to have come from someone like Gandhi, but nope – stuck with quoting Janet). But anyway, she has a point. However, I think she was talking about things like love and friendship (rather than money making), and sure, they are alright I suppose, but free money tops them all! (I joke of course!)

I’d love to give you tips on how to make a million pounds, but apart from advising you to get in contact with Derren Brown to get you the National Lottery numbers, or suggesting a bank heist (I don’t, i’ve seen films, it never ends well), i’m a bit clueless. However, what I do know how to do well, is make a few quid every day/week online in ways that take up minimal time. Still free money right?

So here are my tip 5 money making no brainers:

1) Quidco’s free cashback

Sure, you probably have heard of the cashback site Quidco, but have you spotted its free cashback section? In it, you get paid cashback for signing up to free trials and services.

Examples of free cashback that you can get right now include 50p if you get a pet insurance quote from (you don’t have to purchase it!), £6 from Equifax to get a free credit report (you should check your credit rating!) and £1 from Get Me A Ticket for registering and entering a competition.

Signing up to these take seconds and the money will track in your account within a few days.

Make Money

2) Get paid to tweet

You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian to make money on social media. If a celebrity you follow is talking about a brand, i’ll eat my hat if they aren’t being paid for it. If you have a decent following on Twitter (at least 50 followers and 100 tweets), companies such at Sponsored tweets and Rev Twt will give you money to write about a certain product or service. You select which ads you want to promote to be applicable to your followers, because let’s face it, you don’t want to spam your mates with rubbish.

If you like the idea of making money this way, make sure you check company reviews first, as some of the ad sites have some sketchy feedback. And of course, make sure you tell your followers if something is an advert or sponsored tweet, an #ad hashtag is enough.

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3) Get paid to click links

If you’re anything like me, you’re online ALOT clicking away. However, there is a way to get paid for the clicks you make. Download the free browser Qmee, enter a search as normal (even works on Amazon or eBay etc), and click on any of the links that appear on the left hand side with the little monetary values next to them. They indicate how much you will be paid for that click. Your Qmee account balance updates every time you earn money which can then be emptied into your PayPal account.

Money Making

4) Sign up to Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a quick and easy way to make some cash (around £30 a month if you are committed). You perform task such as browsing online, watching videos, playing games and filling in surveys.

Free money!

5) The Free Postcode Lottery

Well, of course I was going to mention the Free Postcode Lottery – free money! You sign up for free, enter your postcode and email and check back every day a 12pm to see if your postcode has come up. The prize pot is £150 each day, and if someone misses his or her postcode the jackpot will roll over to the next day.

You also get 1p every time you check, which all adds up! Save the FPL website in your bookmarks and it will become a habit to check every day. It’s a proper no-brainer.

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