Bargain Crazy haul – £586 worth of clothes for £82 (incl River Island, Joules and Lyle & Scott

My Bargain Crazy package came in the post and I SO pleased with everything I bought. I’ve been banging on about this sale for weeks now, but if you have missed it – here’s what’s going on.

Here’s a link to the sale (it’s an affiliate one):

The Bargain Crazy sale

Bargain Crazy is Littlewood’s outlet site, which is closing down. As Littlewoods stocks a load of different named brands, such as River Island, Coast, Joules, Adidas, Levi’s etc – they are also available at Bargain Crazy.

But because they are flogging all its stock off, not only have prices been slashed dramatically (my coat was £110, now down to £19.99), but there’s also a 40% off code when you enter the code W14 in the discount. Amazing right!

Delivery is £3.95, but it’s taking a couple of weeks to get to you as they’re so backed up. Items are coming though!

The REALLY good stuff has gone (missed out on designer watches!), but there is plenty there.

What I bought – with prices

Here is 90% of what I bought. There are some socks my boyfriend already nabbed and put away and a present for someone I don’t want to show, but here is the majority of it.

River Island white blazer

Originally £67, down to £14.99 – paid £8.99 after 40% off voucher


Perfect for the cruise I’ve just booked (I’ll go into ALL that in another blog). A proper bargain by the way!


V by Very Reversible Throw On Car Coat

Originally £110, down to £19.99 – paid £11.99 after the 40% voucher.
This coat is such a good find. It’s orangey-red one side, but you can turn it inside out and it’s camel coloured. It looks and feels super expensive – for £12 quid!

So Fabulous! Embellished Cami

Originally £62, down to £6.99 (WOW) – but I only paid £4.19 for this.
Another amazing find. I picture this under the white blazer I bought while I swan around the Caribbean! ha.

River Island RI Plus Bardot Bodycon Dress

Originally £69, down to £9.99 – I paid £5.99 after the 40% off voucher.


I’m just hoping it looks half as – no, 25% as good on me as it does on her. It’s a dress I wouldn’t have bought normally as I don’t really *do* body-con, but the material is thick and sturdy, so it might suck me in? Will let you know!


V by Very Maxi Kaftan

Originally £29.99, down to £5.99 – paid £3.59 after discount.
Another one for the cruise!

Lyle & Scott Chinos

Originally £95, down to £14.99 – but I only paid £8.99 after the 40% discount.
I’ll even splash out on the other half now and then! 😉

Myleene Klass Pleated Bardot Maxi Dress

Originally £130, down to £24.99 – I paid £14.99 for it after the discount.
This one is for my sister as I don’t think this would suit me in the slightest. Sorry, didn’t want to take it out of the bag as she lives in a different city to me, so wanted to keep it neat and out of the way until I can get it to her.

Joules Newdale Quilted Coat

Originally £60, down to £17.99 – I paid £10.79
So here is where you can see I got carried away with all the excitement. I don’t have a child, or know a child this would fit – but it felt like a bargain so bought it anyway. Will maybe stick it on eBay or give it away.

River Island RI Plus Cold Shoulder Top

Originally £31, down to £4.99 – I paid £2.99
Honestly, I’m not even sure I like this top, but it is a bargain at £2.99. I’ll try it on and see what I think. It could be good for my holiday because it’s light but smart at the same time. If not, eBay it is.

River Island RI Plus Cold Shoulder Blouse

Originally £40, down to £5.99 – I paid £3.59 after the 40% off discount.
You know – another black top to go with the other million black tops I own.

So there you go, my Bargain Crazy haul. I’m genuinely going to have to throw out some stuff from my wardrobe to get this lot in – but worth it! ha.
It’s still worth you taking a look at the sale, there’s still a load there and you can get branded items (I couldn’t get that much because I am plus size) for a tiny fraction of the original price.

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