Beefeater 2-4-1 review

When Beefeater asked me to try out my local restaurant to see what I thought – I was of course pretty bloody pleased! I had never been to a Beefeater restaurant before, but there was a newish one in Swansea, so went there while I was down visiting the family for Christmas.

So, on a rainy Sunday in between that fuzzy period between Christmas and New Year, my mum, dad, sister and nephew all rocked up to the Swansea Beefeater to see what the food was like. 

Beefeater review

I was pretty much over meat thanks to having turkey, beef and lamb on Christmas day, so fancied some fish and chips (mum did too). As well as the cod, you could choose between skinny or fat chips (fat every time obs!), spicy or normal chips or garden or mushy peas. I have to say, the fish was bloody lovely. I like to think of myself as a bit of a fish connoisseur (you know, being from Swansea – the sea and all that). Seriously, if I get reconstituted fish or fish that’s overcooked, grayish – I kick off. Not ok to mess with fish! But this fish was genuinely lovely, flakey, white and perfectly cooked.  The fish and chips cost £10.99.

Beefeater review

Sorry about this rubbish picture! There were more than 3 chips! ha.

Beefeater review

My sister got a buffalo chicken burger and chips (costs £9.79). The chips were particularly good. I don’t know what they’ve done to them – think they have been coated with something, but they were lush. My dad got sea bass (cooked in a bag with veg), potatoes and a salad (costs £14.99) and my nephew, ages six 6, got chicken poppers and chips and ice cream and cookies for dessert (£5.49 for two courses).

Children's chicken nugget meal

Children’s chicken nugget meal


Beefeater Review


The staff could honestly not be nicer and more attentive. Soft drinks are refillable, and they always made sure they were full up, and they were really nice to my nephew (pretty sure he got an extra cookie!). There was a little bit of pea mix up, but it was sorted in no time. My only criticism (and at the time, I didn’t really notice), but from looking back at my pictures, the presentation could be a bit better – but it didn’t really matter to us. 

Beefeater review

The Beefeater 2-4-1 offer

What’s really good, is that from Sat 2nd Jan to Monday 11 Jan you can get 2-4-1 on main meals (cheapest free). There’s got to be at least two people there (there’s no ordering two meals and taking one home (know someone who does this!).

Steak and chips start from £10.99, so £5.50 per person is pretty bloody cheap! Definitely worth popping in if you have one close to you.

Have you been to your local Beefeater, what do you order?


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