Are you a blogger? Then you need to get WidgetMaker

A mate of mine, who worked at has set up his own business and it a techy genius. He’s started this super clever company called WidgetMaker.


What is WidgetMaker?

Have you ever been on a website, and seen a tool which you can put in your details and it brings up a result? Well, it’s that. He makes tools.

Current widgets include:

  • Amazon Search Widget
  • Amazon Product
  • Amazon Site Search
  • Fashion Slider
  • Fashion Mannequin
  • Fashion Outfits
  • G2A (
  • Steam Offers


There are a couple of other widgets he’s making too (and he’s always up for suggestions).

So how does it work?

Ok, so let’s say you want the Amazon tool. You’re a blogger who wants their readers to be able to search for things quickly without leaving your site – so you’d put the Amazon widget on the page.

If someone buys from Amazon, you’ll get all the commission (see, it’s brilliant!)


Ok, ok, I’m convinced – let’s talk money

The three packages offered cater are balanced for big or small budgets – access isn’t limited or capped as the cloud infrastructure behind the service scales with demand.
– One widget with slider – £5.99 per month
– Two and free slider – £9.99 per month
– Everything – £19.99
Check out what you can get here.
You’re free to jump or cancel at any time however refunds are currently not available because you’re able to earn commission.
Thought I’d share because it’s something I’m getting. 🙂

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