How to legitimately cancel your broadband contract for free

Here we go again eh? Millions of Sky customers have had letters through the door saying that their monthly bill is going up around £3 a month.  But here’s the good bit – this means you can get out of your contract if you’re unhappy about it and look for a better, cheaper deal.

So many people are in broadband contracts they hate (because they’re too slow etc) have more power than they realise, thank to Ofcom’s rules.

cancel broadband contract

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Reasons you can cancel your broadband contract

Price hikes

If you’re unhappy and you get a price hike – its your lucky day because you can get out of your contract scot free – even if you have loads of time left on it.

Under rules from regulator Ofcom, those who have taken out a line rental, broadband or mobile contract since 23 January 2014 can cancel their contract without charge if a provider ups its monthly prices and didn’t tell you about it when you first signed up.

You need to call up and say you are leaving because of the price hike – WITHIN 30 days of getting the letter.

cancel your broadband contract

Poor service

If you’re not getting the service you signed up for, then your broadband provider has breached the contract. For it to have failed to provide an ‘acceptable level of service’, you need to experience either installation delays, slow broadband speeds, connection dropouts or bad customer service.

Make sure you keep a record of your complaint. So if you’re unhappy with speeds – initially check its worse than they promised using a speed checker and then screenshot your results over a week or so, building up evidence.

Write to your provider to formally report the issue and again, keep a record of all correspondence. If the problem isn’t sorted within eight weeks, ask for a deadlock letter which you can take to either the Communications Ombudsman or the Internet Services Adjudication Scheme.

cancel your broadband contract

These are your main two reasons for getting out of your contract. Let’s face it, broadband providers love to up the price, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long if you are unhappy. HOWEVER, if you are like me and paid upfront for the year to get a slightly cheaper price (kicking myself now thanks to Plusnet’s slow speeds), you’re not going to get refunded.

Which provider are you with? Is it any good? Let me know in the comments.


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