Charity Tuesday – Matt’s Mission (making wishes come true)

A brand new feature on my site (which I hope you like) is a weekly Charity Tuesday post. Last week I chose one I had been involved with personally for a lot of my childhood – Sea Cadets and got a lot of feedback – in fact, some people even told me they would start volunteering! This week I took a suggestion from a follower on Facebook and will be talking about Matt’s Mission.

Matt’s Mission

Matts mission is a small charity that has been around since 2011 which provides ill children in hospital, hospices and special needs schools with gifts and trips.

I think sometimes when we think about charity, the problem seems so large – as if no matter what money you donate, or whatever you so – the problem is just too big to properly help.

However, I really like these charities that are not trying to solve ‘the big issue’ but are helping people who are suffering by making their dream come true. It’s a small thing that makes a massive difference.

The charity’s aim is to give family VIP trips so that they can have quality time together – something that can disappear when a child is in the hospital.

Something Matt’s Mission does that’s really special is to take the siblings into account, and give them support when their brother or sister is unwell.

As well as providing unwell children with amazing experiences, the charity often supports families with funerals (even providing horse and carriages) as well as setting up fundraising websites for the children.

What wishes has it granted?

The charity takes ill children to Disney Land and Lap Land, has just purchased a holiday home in Skegness so sick children and families can go on free holidays (or the public can rent out to help raise funds).

Other wishes granted include Cbeebies land, Peppa Pig Word, gifts to children in hospital, hospices and special needs schools.

Matt also set up a sensory room and advice hub based in Yardley Wood School thanks to £3000 kindly donated by Jaguar Landrover

For the full list of incredible stories, check out its granted wishes page.

How you can get involved with Matt’s Mission


Matt’s Mission is always looking for new volunteers to help out with events and to raise funds – so just fill in the contact form if you have a bit of time.


You can, of course, donate money to the brilliant charity so they can go on treating children who deserve it the most (don’t forget to tick the Gift Aid box!).

In the first three years, Matt’s Mission has raised over £100,000 from collections and events – so if you have a few quid spare, please do think about donating.


Keep an eye out for its fundraising events the charity puts on. Every year it holds a princess hair donation event where 35 young children donate eight or more inches of their hair to make wigs for children fighting cancer.

If you have a charity that is close to your heart (a small-ish one) that you think I should write about – please do email me, [email protected]

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