TRICK: How to find super cheap flights (less than £20 return)

I discovered this little trick last month and its a game changer. I’ve always been good at finding bargains, but I’ve relied on other people/websites telling me where they are. By the time you get to the ‘flash sale’, it’s all over.

Well, I’ve found a way of finding the cheapest flights in the world. I’m talking sub £50 flights to Italy, France and £200ish flights to the USA and further afield – with Skyscanner. And it’s not a faff to do either.


Cheap Flights

The more flexible you are here, the cheaper the flights are. The trick is to be open to any date to leave and come back within a month you choose, and be open to the destination. That said, you can be more specific.

Let me explain:

Go to Skyscanner, on the front page, choose the airport you want to leave from (the bigger the airport, the more deals – so ideally London). On the ‘To’ tab, click on it and either write ‘Can’t decide’ or it will hover up automatically. Click on it.

cheap flights

Then you want to pick the month you want to travel in. Click on the ‘depart’ tab and click the ‘whole month’ bit (rather than ‘specific date’). Choose your month.

Of course, some months are cheaper than others, but you can still find super cheap flights during peak times.

Cheap Flights

A big list of countries with ‘from’ prices will come up. Here’s where the fun begins – pick a country. You’ll then get a list of cities with ‘from’ prices. I’ve picked Italy because I’m obsessed with the place.

I then chose Venice, because I’ve never been (and we can all hope eh?).

Cheap flights

So Venice is from £31 (of course, prices for flights tend to change daily!). You then pick the date/price you want to leave and come back.

You could choose the dates that make up £31, or you could pay a bit more to get something that suits you. Green numbers mean cheap, while red are the more expensive ones.

This isn’t one of those situations where there is one £31 flight and everything else is £120. Skyscanner is just showing you every flight that is available.

Cheap Flights

Once you’ve clicked on the dates you like, you can just book. It’s worth noting that a lot of these flights will be serviced by low-cost carriers such as Ryanair and EasyJet. With these, you have to pay extra for hand luggage, so see if you can live with just carry-on bags for a short haul flight. Check out my guide on hidden airline fees and how you can avoid them.

For long-haul flights, bags are generally included. Tell you what, I’ve been eyeing up £200 return Los Angeles flights for a while now. I went there years ago and drove up to Vegas. What a trip!

Want another cheeky little trick to get ridiculously cheap flights? Check out my blog on Hidden City Ticketing, which is a hack that can dramatically slash the price of your flight.

Have you had a play with Skyscanner? Let me know what you’ve found in the comments.


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