Cheapest SIM only mobile deal ever? £8.50 per month (3.5GB data, 2500 mins – you can use abroad too)

I ditched mobile contracts years ago. They’re a total waste of money for most people and if you want the best phone/contract combo, they lock you in for 18mths – two years. Seriously, that’s more commitment than I’m OK with!

I’ve been using Giffgaff for years and found it was the cheapest way to use your phone (and I use my phone a lot!).

I currently am paying £12 a month at Giffgaff for 3GB a month, 75o mins and unlimited texts – which is pretty good and enough for my usage. Oh, and 4G network.

HOWEVERthis SIM only deal with Plusnet is £8.50 per month for 3.5GB, 2500 minutes and unlimited texts. PLUS, you can use all this abroad in EU countries.

This is such an awesome deal – I’ve never seen one cheaper.

What’s a SIM only deal?

Rather than being stuck in a contract for a year, a SIM only deal offers a package of minutes, texts and mobile data for a month. You can do it for one month, or you can keep going for however long you like.

However – you get no phone with it. It’s literally just the SIM, so perfect if you’re happy with your current handset.

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