Christmas at The Top of The Shard

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of the Shard’s ‘The Height of Winter, which is a winter wonderland right at the top of the highest point in Europe.

It’s quite fancy, Bompas & Par (who have created the wonderland) have worked with composers, perfumers and academics in the quest to create the most romantic place in the world. Well… don’t know about that – but it didn’t help I was freezing and on my own!

How much is visiting The Shard going to cost?

I got to try some of the food and drink that you can buy (which is pretty pricy, but tasty nonetheless), which includes Snow White Hot Chocolate (£3.40), and ‘Cloud on a stick’ which is just a fancy name for candy floss (£2.50). To be honest, I wouldn’t bother, unless you really want to treat yourself.

If you plan on going up to the Shard anyway, ‘The Height of Winter’ lovely little extra. It certainly is beautiful, christmassy, and the view is incredible, but don’t make a special trip just for the Winter Wonderland and it’s not really meant for kids.

Tickets are £25.95 per adult, and the Christmas part of the Shard will be there till the 31st January.

TIP: If the £25.95 is a bit steep, you can go to one of the bars for free instead and just buy a cheap(ish) drink. You’re not going to be as high up in the sky, or get the 360 view – but it’s a really cheap way of getting part of the experience.

Enough chit chat, show me pictures!

The top of the Shard is made for social media pictures (it’s jealously inducing!) – it’s pretty impossible to take a bad picture. So here are some snaps – including all the cakes and goodies I got to eat. I like to go the extra mile – all research see!

Christmas at the Shard

Winter Wonderland in the sky.


Christmas at the Shard

Sweet treats in shot glasses.


Christmas at The Shard

A grotto bling enough for Santa (and Beyonce).


Christmas at The Shard

Christmas in a cupcake


Christmas at The Shard

Don’t look down (Look up)!


Christmas at The Shard

Surely the best toilet in the UK? What a view!

About the height: So, I have a terrible fear of heights. I’m alright on planes, but it would take A LOT of money to get me on The London Eye (there’s no getting off), and there literally isn’t enough money in the world that would convince me to do a skydive or bungee jump. However, I felt really safe up there – had no problem at all.

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