Three clingfilm alternatives (save money and less waste)

Clingfilm alternatives? Why Lotty, I hear you cry. Well….

I hate plastic waste because 1) I care about the environment and don’t want to live in some apocalyptic nightmare because I like showering and going to see musicals not running from cannibals 2) there’s not enough room in the bin for all of it.

Anyway, when in the kitchen getting angry at a roll of clingfilm, and then chucking some of it in the bin after using it once- I thought finding a clingfilm alternative could be one nice little way to make a difference.

So I asked Twitter (as usual) for good clingfilm alternatives, and as luck would have it Lakeland sent me a load of products they stock to try out. It’s pushing about eight months now since they kindly sent me the products and have been meaning to write a blog on my thoughts – and you know what, today is the day!

I’ve used them all – a lot, and have some thoughts, opinions and made a couple of bad mistakes!

Wax food wraps

In third place… wax food wraps

This is what I was picturing when I asked Twitter for clingfilm alternatives.

In my head, beautiful rich women, with long flowing curls, wrap their quinoa and expensive cheese in these, while burning £120 candles in the background. So clearly, wanted to love them.

Oooffff, look how beautiful they are. A pack of three from Lakeland are £18.99. But… you can make them yourself for a lot less. See the video below from The Makery.

You know, this lockdown has got me all like a character from Little House on the Prairie these days. I’m embroidering, making my own oat milk – so making my own clingfilm alternatives seems like something I would genuinely do now!

And people love these wax wraps, but I don’t. Argh, I don’t know – they’re OK. I think if I went on picnics or took sandwiches into work, they’d be good – but they don’t work for me.

Here’s what went wrong. I wrapped some raw chicken in one (which maybe was stupid, but I didn’t know!), left it too long in the fridge and it made a proper mess.

I then tried to clean it properly (boiling water and a scourer) and melted the wrap which sure, makes sense because it’s bloody wax but how else was I suppose to get rotten chicken juice out? (I’m ruining the Little House on the Prairie image, aren’t I?).

So long story short, I’d only use them for dryish food – such as sandwiches.

Stasher reusable silicone bags

In second place – stasher food pouches. I do like these little things. They’re a little pricey but are pretty versatile.

I keep cheese, bits of veg, raw meat – even soup in these (they’re leakproof).

Also, you can use them to cook too – so stick some salmon and lemon in one and put in the oven. Voila! You have a steamer.

They come in three sizes at Lakeland (you can get them at places such as Selfridges and John Lewis too).

Of course, Amazon has a ton of them too in different colours and with different Stasher deals.

The winner – CoverMate food covers

I bloody love these. When I first got them (especially when there were fancy bee wraps and pouch things), I was not impressed with the look of these. They looked like flimsy shower caps.

But I could not live without them now. They are incredible, and are still going strong being used every day for pushing a year.

Got some leftovers? Just stick a cover on it. Got half an apple? cover it up. Need to cover a bowl for the bread you’re proofing (yes, I bake now too!) – oil it up and cover away.

We have a little takeaway tub at the bottom of our fridge where we keep these and they’re a gamechanger.

And guess what – CoverMate clingfilm alternatives are super cheap too. They’re £2.29 for a pack of 8 from Amazon or Lakeland and have three different sizes in the pack. Trust me with this one – try them out.

Disclosures – so yeah, Lakeland sent them to me (didn’t ask me to write this blog though!) – also, some affiliate links in there.

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