ALWAYS get a discount on Domino’s pizza with this nifty tool

This isn’t going to surprise you, but now and then I bloody love a Domino’s pizza. For me though, it isn’t the cheese that is heart attack inducing, it’s the price!

I just can’t pay full price for delicious dough and cheese, so of course, if I’m fancying a Domino’s I’ll search for a discount code. Well, my friends at have only gone and created a Domino’s discount code tool, which scours the web finding all the coupons and deals in your area – so you can always bag a discount on your Domino’s takeaway.

So you just put in your postcode, push a button and within a second or so – all the deals in your area will show up (I did a cheeky check to see if there were any I could find which they missed out, but no – they had it covered).


Domino’s pizza tool from

If you’re not signed up to LatestDeals generally – totally recommend you take a look. Tom and Deepak are taking on HUKD with a great site that is less aggressive and has even better deals, especially if you’re into competitions. Check it out.

So there you have it – if you’re ordering a pizza, you know where to go to bag a discount.

***This is a collaborative post***


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