AD: How to earn rewards on fuel and more with Esso Nectar

*This is a collaborative post with Esso*

When it comes to being successful at anything, small little switches that make a big impact are the way to go. 

Last year, for example, I forked out for fancy running shoes, squeezed my frankly substantial thighs into some Lycra monstrosities and decided I was going to run a mile a day after never running a day in my life. 

As you can imagine it lasted all of two days. But a few months ago, I dusted those shoes off and instead of getting the bus home from the train station after work, made a little switch and walked the last 20 mins. It wasn’t a biggie, and I’m still doing it.

See, small swaps make big differences! 

I did my supermarket shop at Esso! 

With that in mind, and you’re going to think I’ve lost it a bit – the other day I did my food shop in Esso. Am I a millionaire, shopping in petrol stations, you’re wondering? Nope.

What I am is a savvy one, who likes to price up some of the more expensive items I buy and go where they are a bargain.

And I’m not joking when I say you can get some stonkingly good food deals at Esso. The cheese I buy was £2.19 rather than the usual £5.29! So if I’m there anyway, might as well save some cash and get the points on the purchase, right?

What’s your local Esso shop like? Mine has so much more than people would think. Fresh fruit and veg, meat and even fancy condiments and jams etc. 

Esso stores are well worth taking into account when you’re pricing up your shopping – there are real discounts to be had. 

Break down on what points you can get at Esso

Ok – but what are those points worth?

Here’s how it breaks down:

Filling up the tank? 1L of fuel gets you one Nectar point

Shopping? Evert £1 spent in the shop on qualifying items gets your two Nectar points (there genuinely are bargains to be had too) 

Car needs a wash? Every £1 spent in the carwash gets you two Nectar points 

The Esso App

When it comes to paying, you can either use your Nectar card, or the Esso App, where your Nectar points are automatically added to your account. 

In fact, if you link up your Nectar card to the app today, you’ll get a bonus 500 points on your first fill. 

What’s really good about the Esso App is that you can just pay for your fuel, then and there at the pump, rather than schlep into the shop and get in the queue. 

You can download the app here. 

What you can spend with your Nectar points

I know so many money savers are massive Nectar fans, accumulating those points all year to buy those little luxurious things – so if you do drive, it’s a no brainer to top up the tank at your local Esso and pick up those bargainous items in-store. 

You can spend your points back at Esso if you wish (not on fuel though), but there are literally hundreds of places to spend your points.

That said, if you’re really a super saver, you’re going to want to do it during a Nectar promotion, such as a double-up weekend (where you’re points are worth more), or if there are special offers at different brands to really maximise the value of the points you’ve been accumulating for months. 

To me, it just makes sense to get more for your money.

Do you collect Nectar points? Think you’ll add Esso into the mix? Tell me the best thing you’ve bought with your points in the comments.

Between 5th November 2019 and 26th February 2020, Esso customers can benefit from a Nectar points double up, helping to make the everyday more rewarding for drivers.

For every qualifying purchase of £5 or more on shop items such as milk or snacks at participating Esso Stations, customers will receive double the amount of Nectar points, simply by swiping their Nectar card at the till when they pay.

Terms and conditions apply for the Esso Nectar loyalty programme.

*This is a paid collaboration with ESSO.

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