Eve mattress review – it’s a game-changer!

When I moved into my furnished flat in Wimbledon five years ago, the mattress in our bedroom reminded me of something you’d do Heroin on, from the film Trainspotting.

It was different shades brown (pretty sure it wasn’t that colour new), thin and would stab you with its springs. I’d love to tell you we got rid of it and bought a new one – but no, stuck with it because they are expensive, so dealt with five years of discomfort.

Introducing the Eve mattress

Eve Mattress Review

This is the box the mattress came in. I panicked a bit because it’s so small, and thought there was no way a decent sized mattress could fit in there. I was very wrong!

If you’ve sat on a tube or train in the last few months, odds are you’ve seen the bright yellow Eve mattress adverts. The adverts claim that the mattress design is ‘revolutionary’ that you’d be more comfortable sleeping on the floor with an Eve mattress, than in a bed with a normal spring-based one.

It’s a foam mattress – so no springs, and supposedly has a cooling system. You can buy them online at Eve or in-store at Debenhams.

So is it any good?

Eve Mattress Review

I just love the packaging.

So hands up, Eve gave me a mattress to try out – but as usual, I say what I want to say on my blog – good or bad.

Now, I don’t know if this is because i’ve been sleeping on something Fred Flintstone would turn his nose up for five years but my Eve mattress is the best thing ever.

We set it up the day we moved into our new flat and while I was faffing about in the living room my boyfriend got into bed and shouted ‘OMG CHARLOTTE’! So ran into the bedroom to find him tucked up and declaring that ‘this is the most comfortable I’ve ever been in my life!’

Eve mattress review

As small as the box is, it’s pretty bloody heavy. I was too weak to pull the mattress out – so tipped it onto the floor.

So I feel my weight on my hips when I sleep, so find myself turning around through the night. But with this mattress, its spring free and kind of just absorbs your body so you don’t move around at night.

In fact, we went from a super king mattress in our old flat, to a double because the room is smaller – and was a bit worried about it being too small for us. In fact, we noticed no difference because you stay put, comfortably in your spot all night.

So yeah, I honestly can’t say enough good things about this mattress.

Eve Mattress Review

It looks expensive. Is it?

What I will say is, I can’t get over how much mattresses are generally! Home ownership really is springing financial surprises on us. I saw in an advert on the tele the other day saying that you’re supposed to change your mattress every eight years! You kidding!? Growing up, I inherited my grandmothers one! I dread to think how many years she had it.

Well not going to sit here and tell you its cheap, BUT it’s kind of the same price as a normal mattress. So, had a look at Silentnight king size mattresses at Debenhams (just thought that was a ‘standard’ store and mattress brand to compare with).

Eve Mattress Review

There’s a welcome card in the box with a 10 year guarantee

It is on sale now (typical), but the closest one I could see to the eve mattress is the Silentnight Celestial ‘Memory Foam’ mattress which is £525! Confusingly I think it still has springs in it because its put the words memory foam in quotes and says it contains its exclusive Miracoil spring system – so still not as good as a proper memory foam one.

A double Eve mattress will set you back £549 delivered (just a tad more than the standard Silentnight one) but there is 0% interest if you wanted to pay £41.17 a month for 12 months if you put down a £55 deposit. OF COURSE – if you don’t think you’ll be able to manage paying £41.17 a month, steer clear from paying this way because there is likely to be other costs if you default.

Eve Mattress Review

This is the exciting bit – cutting open the vacuum sealed wrapping and watching it grow!

100 days free trial

Somewhat amazingly, you’ve got up to 100 days to try out your Eve mattress, and if you’re not keen can send it back free (they’ll pick it up from your bedroom for you) – although 95% of people decide to keep it. You’ll get a full refund, no fees, no hidden charges.

Eve Mattress Review

You can see from this picture just how thick the mattress is. Also, please don’t judge me on the brick wallpaper – have only just moved in!

Final thoughts

I really like Eve the company, it’s honest, everything is easy and the product is amazing. Look, you could go to Ikea and get yourself a cheap mattress. If you’re young or sleep soundly – just do that. But – if you’re after the comfiest mattress out there, or have back/joint pain and intend to spend a normal amount of money on a mattress – I really don’t think you can go wrong with an Eve mattress.

Eve Mattress Review

Ta da! It fits! It’s officially the comfiest bed ever.


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