Guest Post: How to find the internet’s best flash sales

I’ve recently discovered the site PriceDropDonkey, and i’m in Love. Doing some sort of techy magic, they scour the internet for flash sales – which can be hard to find without a helping hand. So I asked them to write me a post (this isn’t sponsored, just like the site) – hope you enjoy it and save some cash!

How to find a flash sale

Trawling the internet for the best deals can seem like a daunting task. Is there really a way of finding the best discounts online? More and more, online retailers are launching time-limited ‘flash sales,’ where highly-sought items are reduced for a day or so before going back to their original price. If you’ve got your ears to the ground and snap up those bargains immediately, this can be great. However, the absolute worst thing is when you finally find an amazing deal on that laptop/dress/pair of trainers or whatever that you’ve been meaning to buy, only to find that when you finally get round to buying it, the deal is no longer on. Or sometimes you go to buy an item only to find it was reduced by 80% the day before and now is back to full price. And you’re left thinking ‘why does this always happen to me?!’

Flash sales

So, how can we avoid disappointment and find out when these flash sales happen?

PriceDropDonkey is a new innovative site which finds all the best price drops on the internet and is updated in real-time. This is a great way to stay in tune to what deals are happening on the internet. Also especially useful if you are keen to find some good deals but quite simply don’t have the time to scour all the online retailers looking for discounts manually. PriceDropDonkey is a pretty broad site and boasts a huge range of products from all the best online retailers including Amazon, Currys, PC World, iwantoneofthose, Rock My Vintage and many many more.

The site shows, for example, huge price drops on e-books which usually only last for a day. During these flash sales you can buy selected titles for as little as 99p often representing a discount of around 90%. Likewise, PriceDropDonkey highlights ridiculous deals on technology. Hunting out discounts on phones, laptops, tablets, televisions and cameras can be really hard if you’re not hugely tech-savvy and not sure how much items cost originally and how much you are really saving. Luckily, PriceDropDonkey shows you how much the item is being reduced by and how much it originally cost before directing you to buy straight from the retailer.

The Donkey’s blog condenses the best sales every day and can help you browse if you are looking for something specific. A few days ago, PriceDropDonkey published this piece featuring some great deals on gorgeous vintage ladies dresses. This spot dress (pictured below) from Sugarhill Boutique was reduced by 59% from £49.00 to £29.00. What a bargain!

Flash sale

With PriceDropDonkey, you need never miss a flash sale again! Sign up to PriceDropDonkey’s newsletter to receive weekly updates on the internet’s best deals and flash sales and follow the Donkey on Twitter and Facebook to receive regular updates on the best bargains.

Happy Bargain-Hunting!

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