FREE food – incl Cod fillets and Angel Delight

If you haven’t got the free Checkoutsmart app yet – this is going to change your life.

You use the app to save money on your supermarket shop and get 100% cashback on loads of items – FREE FOOD.

What is free at the moment?

  • Birds Eye Inspirations cod fillets 310g
  • Franklin & Sons tonic water
  • Angel Delight ready to eat pots 70g
  • Optiwell yogurt drink 1L
  • Richmond Shake & Bake Meal Kit 440g
  • Cow & Gate Super Yummies breadsticks
  • Cow & Gate Super Yummies yoghurt pouch
  • Cow & Gate Super Yummies rice cakes
  • Yazoo smoothies 4 x 180ml
  • Fire & Smoke chicken chunks 60g
  • Blind Pig Cider 355ml
  • Goodness Gracious baby puree 4m+
  • SoBe Water pomegranate & blueberry
  • Optiwell strawberry & raspberry 330ml

How do I get my money?

Download the app, and take a photo and upload your receipt within a week of purchase. The receipt needs to show the store name, date and time of purchase/delivery, payment method and products you purchased.

You are also able to upload a maximum three receipts a day.

It takes up to 7 days for your reward to be tracked and the money will show in your account which you can then request to be put in your bank account.

For your first payment you are able to claim anything ovr £1 – after that, you can withdraw the cashback when your account has reached £5 and over.

Please note there is a 5% processing fee charged if you transfer less than £20, so make sure you’ve earned cashback over £20 before you request a payment.

Give me a shout in the comments if you have any questions! 

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