Google Play discount – How to ALWAYS bag a bargain

I have loved Android phones ever since I could have a smartphone (which honestly, was only about five years ago), and personally I think they are better than iPhones. With it, I download films, tv shows, music, games and apps via Google Play. But you should never pay full price – I’ll give you the low-down on how you can bag yourself a Google Play discount.

Where to find a Google Play discount

google play discount

Get a discounted Google Play gift card

CDKeys – You can get discount cards on tech site CDKeys too. You won’t save a fortune, but you will get a few quid off – consistently.

Right now you can get a £50 Google gift card for £47 for example.

Google Play’s own deals

Google Play always has a discount on movies/music/apps/games on its app. Right now for example, you can get 75% off any film rental – but these promotions change weekly.

If you open up the app and scroll down, you’ll see the Google Play Deal of The Week, which has amazing deals – typically at around 90% off – popular apps tend to be reduced to 10p.

 google play discount

Earn free Google Play credit

With Google Opinion Rewards, you download an app, answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credits. You answer some questions about yourself and then you get surveys around once a week.

Generally, you get £1 in Play credits for completing it. It won’t make you a millionaire, but free money!

Google Play Deals on Reddit

It’s so worth checking out r/Googleplaydeals every now and then to see what the Redditors have found.

If there is a discount on Google Play generally, it will be in there – but also, if there are cheap or free games, books, films etc the pros will find it.

It’s well worth joining.

Google Play Deals and Freebies on HUKD

Another great forum where lot’s of people post Google Play deals and freebies is the money forum HUKD.

You can’t guarantee certain deals, but if someone finds a Google Play discount (and there are thousands of dedicated bargain hunters on there), they’ll post it.

Are there any I’ve missed out? Please do let me know in the comments.

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