Happy Birthday! LottyEarns is two

Get out the candles and stick on the birthday music – because my LottyEarns blog is two years old! Woop Woop! (It’s weird because I simultaneously feel like I’ve been around half my life, while also feeling like a newbie).

Now, I was thinking of getting one of those balloons and pop some confetti for an Instagram-worthy picture, but honestly, my bags under my eyes are DARK right now and my hair is verging on greasy, so if you could let me off, that would be lovely.

Happy Birthday

You know what, I’m really not into birthdays generally. I have this weird thing where I don’t want to put people out to come and celebrate with me – so I used to do nothing at all, but these days I go on holiday if I have the money. I blame the fact it’s in January – and no-one is up for spending money and are dieting.

I wasn’t massively up for writing a post about two years blogging (in fact, ignored/forgot about the first year milestone), but my life is SO different now, and it is mostly because of blogging. I thought it would be a good opportunity to first of all thank you for reading (still convinced I’m just writing into the void here and no-one gives a crap) and secondly, look back at what I’ve done/achieved.

What LottyEarns has done in its first two years

I can be guilty of seriously underplaying my achievements. It doesn’t take too much thought to convince myself that I am terrible, my blog is terrible (impostor syndrome I think). But… I’m still here, there are still readers and I’m yet to have a horrible comment! So something is going right!

So thought I’d put in bullet points some things that have happened:

  • Started my blog a few months before being made redundant at Student Money Saver. One day I’ll write a post about this. I move between relief that I started the blog and have left the place, and anger – for being let go the day before I moved into the flat I bought (it’s a pretty quick way to ruin a moving in date).
  • Won money blogger of the year at the SHOMO awards in my first six months of blogging and was shortlisted for the Headline Money awards and Santander awards. Some big bloggers didn’t get that far – so I was beyond chuffed and also equally embarrassed because I was so new. Oh, won three more this year too!
  • I went full time on my blog. Thanks to redundancy and a mortgage – I HAD to make my blog pay. I freelanced for papers/magazines, along with running campaigns on the group. I managed to make my mortgage payment every month (was bloody tight at times).  I look back now and I’m really proud I managed that after just a year of setting this up.
  • I got over 50,000 social media followers! I would write fans, but don’t want to push it innit, as there may be many silent people seething at my every word. I also have a group which is growing and doesn’t seem to have any racists in it at all which is pretty special for Facebook. My Facebook page is here, my facebook group is here and here I am on Twitter.
  • I’ve learned SO much. I’m far more skilled and it’s got me work, including my current job.
  • I *think* I’ve helped a few people save some money or bag a bargain along the way. Every now and then I get a message from someone saying that and it makes my week.

Thank you!

If I could send you cake online, I would. Because if you didn’t read my things, send me tips and ideas, talk to me in the comments or on social – I wouldn’t be doing this.

Also want to take a minute to thank Harry (my bf) for never doubting me for a second (same goes for my family there), Kate/Suze/Mark for forcing me to start my blog, Adam for giving me work to do, Lynn/Emma/Emma for being my work buddies, Sam/Bronni/Freddie for always helping out and UKMB for being a great community.

I didn’t think having a blog would change my life so much (if you don’t have one – start one!) and I wouldn’t let anyone take it away from me now.

I feel like I know a load of you. We talk weekly/monthly – whatever, and you feel like friends. I really want to thank you for being so lovely and I hope you stick around for at least a couple more years.

Bloody hell… I wonder what I’ll be doing then?


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