HQ Trivia – the free quiz app where you can win hundreds of pounds every day

Guys, I’ve found the new Pokemon Go style app (well it’s nothing like Pokemon Go, but everyone is obsessed with it lately) – it’s called HQ Trivia and it’s a live quiz which happens twice a day, where you can win real money.

I’m pretty pleased with myself because I’m ahead of the curve here. Usually, I’m a good few months behind what the kids are doing, but right here at the start(ish). It kicked off in America in a big way in January and is becoming huge here too now.

HQ app

Someone mentioned it at work a couple of weeks ago and I ignored it – but more and more people I know are playing the quiz and are obsessed with it. When 3pm and 9pm comes around, the office goes quiet as they try to enter the quiz.

How HQ Trivia works

So today at 3pm, there is a £8,000 which gets split between all the people who get ALL the questions right. The app will give you a push notification in advance you can join the live game.

It’s a bit like those live gambling games on TV, but this is 100% free (you pay NOTHING), but there’s a woman (sometimes a guy too I think) who introduces the game – she’s live and asks the questions, but you don’t need the sound on if she’s annoying you or you have hearing issues.

There are TWELVE questions you need to answer correctly to get the money. It’s multiple choice, you have 10 seconds to answer, so it’s not impossible.

HQ Trivia

The first couple of questions are pretty easy, but I went out on the fifth question in my last go. It’s one strike and you’re out. The questions will, of course, become really hard – they’re not going to make it easy.

My plan is to sit next to the cleverest person in the room during the games and get them to help me.

If you invite people to join the app, you can get extra life credits. You can only use one per game though. Would love it if you could use mine HarryHarris101 as I introduced you, but no hard feelings if not.

Then, of course, get others to join up using your username to get your own free lives.

You can download HQ Trivia free on Android or IOS.

I’ve won, how do I get the money?

No matter the amount in your account, you can cash out directly with PayPal – so you don’t need to give it your bank details or anything. You balance and payout can take up to 24 hours to be updated.

HQ Trivia

If no-one wins the round, that game’s money gets rolled over to the next game, so there will be a bigger prize to share.

If you look at this week’s leaderboard, you can see that the top people have won amounts from £550 – £233 though there are many more who are in the £22 – £50 range.

You’re thinking, ‘how are they making money right’? And yeah – know what you mean. HQ app says the prizes are sponsored by Intermedia Labs, Inc. It’s a new app, which is INCREDIBLY popular (and legitimate, Google it – it’s been covered in all the big papers in America). I 100% think they’ll introduce adverts at some point, but they aren’t there yet.

This game isn’t going to make you super rich unless you’re really good at quizzes, but it’s fun and you never know right!

Last reminder – say HarryHarris101 sent you when you sign up. 😉

If you haven’t downloaded the app, fully recommend you do and if you have already, let me know in the comments. Maybe we could work as a team or something.

Oh as we’re here and you seem like you’re keen on making money with your phone, you’ve got to try out my favourite money making app EVER – JobSpotter. I’ve made HUNDREDS of pounds with it, just walking around. It is honestly a game-changer.

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