Inside a Kate Spade Sample Sale – discounted bags, clothes, home and accessories from £5

I just went to my first ever Kate Spade sample sale and it was absolutely amazing. Prices started from £5 and there was so much stockavailable. I’ve taken a ton of pictures for you to check out.

Sample sale shopping is my favourite kind of shopping (check out my blog on the day I bought a Mulberry bag at one). If you have never been to one, I recommend you try it once – because there’s no other shopping experience like it.

I’ve been to a good few over the years, and in some, you’re literally running around, grabbing piles of clothes while women push and shove you out of the way – while at others (usually the high-end designer ones), there are time slots, so it’s less hectic, but there’s still a lot of adrenaline.

The most important thing to remember when shopping at a sample sale is that there are no returns, and sometimes the items are ‘seconds’, so you need to make sure what you are buying is scratch-free, the zips work, there no rips, it fits etc before you pay.

How to get an invite to the Kate Spade Sample Sale

Sample sales advertise in a lot of places, but the best place in my opinion, for the big London ones is to sign-up to the Showcase website and newsletter.

You’ll be sent an email with the best designer sample sales, including Mulberry, Temperley, Hackett, as well as Kate Spade.

Once you pick your day and time you want to go, and it will email you with a barcode. You have to turn up at that time, as they’ll scan it. They will turn you away if you come early, late or on a wrong day.

The Kate Spade sample sale costs £2 to go to, which goes to charity.

Once inside, you have to get your coat and bag checked in which is free.

Kate Spade Sample Sale Prices

Check out all the prices in the images below, but homeware started from £5, although most of it seemed to be around the £10 mark.

Bags were £60 – £80 (though a couple of the really nice embellished ones were £85, but retail at over £350+.

Kate Spade shoes were the most bargainous, with two pairs of flats for £60, or two pairs of heels/boots for £80. They were all absolutely stunning.

Clothes were a bit more. Dresses were £100 (there were a few really fancy ones at £150).

Kate Spade Sample Sale Bags

There were an absolute ton of bags, which were all around £60 – £80 (leather was £80). They all seemed to be in really good condition too, not scratched or obviously seconds.

I was hoping for more evening bags but didn’t see any. I think this was mostly summer stock – though there were plenty black ‘everyday’ bags if you were after something that would work all year round.

Kate Spade Sample Sale Shoes and Clothes

The shoe section was probably the most popular, and it clearly is down to how cheap they were selling them. £60 for two pairs is an absolute steal.

It was quite stressful trying to squeeze in, as the area was carnage, with staff bringing our handfuls of new stock constantly.

There was a space to try on shoes (but I have wide feet and was there in my lunchtime, so didn’t have the heart or time to start trying on shoes).

Kate Spade Sample Sale Home and Accessories

This is where the cheapest stuff was, but there wasn’t a huge amount of stock. Belts were £20 which I thought was a bit of a bargain.

The jewellery and watch section was the most disappointing for me. It’s possible I got there too late (got there about 2:30 pm), so maybe all the good stuff had gone.

There was a decent amount of home things – plates etc though.

If you’re a bargain designer hunter, check out my blog as to why I’d never buy high-end goods at TK Maxx or Costco.

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