Leetchi – The cheapest way to collect and raise money online

 You want to know the quickest way to wind me up? A group collection.
So a group of you have to pay for something like a hen-do, dinner, or a present for a mate – and there’s usually a Whatsapp/Facebook trying to figure out who owes what and what needs paying for.
Talks go back and forth for weeks and months on end, till I no longer have the will to live.
That said, I just remembered I owe someone money for a stag-do (LADZ) I’m going to – Argh, I’m one of those awful people who need chasing!

 What is Leetchi?

So Leetchi is a really simple way to get raise funds (a bit like JustGiving or Gofundme – but with lower fees) by setting up a personal money raising page.

It can be for anything and everything, from charity donation if you’re running a marathon, organising hen-dos, leaving presents etc. It makes group spending/saving A LOT easier.

How do you use Leetchi?

It’s really simple to use fundraising website – you need to pick a money pot category (like birthday/wedding/getaway etc).

You can then customise your money pot and start collecting contributions. When I talk about customisation, I mean you can change the URL, add dates people need to pay by, make it public or private etc.


I set one up to test for this post (for chocolate cake – don’t judge me! ha) which honestly took about two minutes, including choosing a picture and manually uploading. It’s a really simple process and I think the final page looks really good (and compelling, like – who wouldn’t want to buy me cake?)

What’s it good for?

There’s a pot for every occasion you could possible think of where you may want to raise funds, including: Birthdays, leaving presents, house warmings (who knew that was a thing? I’ve missed out!), community events, parties. However, a few stuck out for me.


Houseshares – *This isn’t aimed at anyone I lived with in particular, unless you’re one of the people who would never pay bills on time or contribute to expenses… so yeah, aimed at you*. Sorry, had to get that off my chest! ha. But yeah, in houseshares – there tends to be one person sorting out the money, chasing the rest for their share. Leechi would mean it was all in one place and make the process easier.

Stag/Hen dos – I feel so sorry for the poor souls who try to organise stag and hen dos. They don’t know most of the people they’re collecting money from, they’re stuck in a Facebook group with people not replying and its super hard to keep track of what’s coming in.


Me at a hen do (wasn’t even fancy dress)

Weddings – Getting married? Don’t want 10 toasters? Set one of these up for a holiday instead!

Fundraising – Doing something awful (like exercise) to raise money for a charity? You can set a target, suggested donation etc, which is useful when trying to reach a goal.

Big presents rather than small ones – Sometimes its just hard to get someone a present when its just you, and you don’t have a huge amount of cash. This way, a load of you can clump together and get something brilliant and meaningful without breaking the bank.


Ok… how much does it cost to use?

So Leetchi is free to set up although like all of these fundraising sites, take a fee for running costs. To transfer to your bank, you’ll be charged either 2.9% or 4% depending on how much you’ve collected.

However, if you’re happy to spend the money at Amazon, there is no charge.

This is a collaborative post- but of course, I only write/say what I actually think.

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