Legoland Windsor deals (and an honest review!)


If you’ve not seen the Lego movie, you’ll have no idea what I’m on about. If you have, good luck getting that song out of your head for the next few hours! ha! You’re welcome!

I went to Legoland (finally) and have opinions (as usual) and also all the Legoland Windsor deals you could possibly want in this post.

Legoland Windsor Deals

Queues mean it is time for SELFIES!

Legoland Windsor deals

50% off full price tickets

This is the one I personally tried out and was a bit worried it wouldn’t work because it seemed just so easy, but it worked like a dream. Boom – half price tickets!

Here’s all the T&Cs you might need, but it’s not complicated. Before you go buy a 500ml bottle of Coke (the normal, individual sized bottles you’d buy in your local shop) or one of the other brands Coca-Cola makes like Sprite, Fanta etc (full list).

Legoland Windsor Deals

When you get there, just outside the main gates, you’ll see the red recycling machines just after security (you can’t miss them). Stick the bottle in, and you’ll get a 50% off voucher that will work straight away.

I saw some T&Cs that said you get a 50% off voucher ‘the next time’ you go but I called up and they said nope, just badly worded. So to clarify, you can get 50% voucher on the day you go.

However, when I turned up, the machines weren’t working. The security guard just told me to show the plastic bottle to the cashier and they’d knock off half the price and it was completely fine.


On off-peak dates (the ones that are green on the calendar) until the 1st November can get a DUPLO Days ticket offer, £25 for a parent and child under five, plus a further £5 for every additional child under five.

If you have little ‘uns, now is the time to take them with plenty of rides them to enjoy including the DUPLO Valley area with miniature train helicopters and a live DUPLO Theatre.

Legoland Windsor Deals

Legoland at Christmas Sale

If you want to feel all Christmassy at Legoland, you can meet Santa along with all the usual rides and Christmas activities.

If you book your tickets for the Christmas event before the 15th of October, they’ll be £31pp.

Tickets are limited and are valid on tickets bought for the 2nd, 9th, 16th-21st December. Non-discounted ticket price is £36pp.

Book in advance and save up to £15pp online

Rather than just rock up and pay full price at the gate, order online in advance and bag yourself a discount. The more time you give yourself, the cheaper it is – but literally the night before is better than turning up without pre-booking.

This is valid across all dates, excluding the Legoland at Christmas which is a fixed price.

Legoland Windsor Deals

2 for 1 Legoland tickets with £1 bags of Cadbury’s chocolates

My favourite kind of deal because chocolate is involved. Keep an eye out for Cadbury bags of chocolate on offer (saw them for £1 at Sainsbury’s just the other day) – you know the kind, the giant buttons, Wispa, Eclairs etc.

Cut out the voucher and take it along to Legoland by 31st July 2019 to get 2 for 1 tickets.

2 for 1 Legoland tickets with Nation Rail

Another 2 for 1  deal, but instead of finding a promotional bag of chocolate, you buy a train ticket, fill in a form, and take the voucher the form will provide you AND your train ticket you bought on the same day of going to Legoland to get the deal.

Here’s everything you need to know.


Save 31% off Legoland day tickets and get a meal deal

If you get your Legoland tickets via AttractionTix, you can get a deal with giving you up to 31% off day tickets.

BUT – you get a meal deal thrown in, which includes either a Burger Kitchen Meal, Farmer Joe’s Chicken Meal or a Fish and Chips meal. I ate at the chip shop, it was good!

What is Legoland Windsor actually like? Is it worth the money?

We’re big Lego fans in our family. Even growing up, our most cherished toys were the big boxes of Lego we’d get off Santa. They’ve been passed on now to my sister’s children, Oliver and Rosie.

My niece and nephew are obsessed with Lego and particularly love the Lego City sets – so couldn’t wait to see Miniland in Legoland which is a massive version of that. Basically, the world in Lego-form.

Altogether, my sister, her partner, two kids, my boyfriend Harry and yours truly, finally decided to go for the day on a cold yet sunny Sunday.

How much does Legoland Windsor cost?

Price wise, it depends on the day you go of course, but is between £32 – £47 – but as you can see from above, there’s really no reason to pay full price at all.

We couldn’t all fit in the car, so Harry and Oliver went via train (was around £12 return from London) and I shotgunned the front seat of the car!

Legoland Windsor deals

We got there about 10 am (it opens 9:30 and it was already BUSY) with crowds rushing to the entrance. Get there as early as possible because the park is massive and we probably didn’t manage to do half of it in just one day. There is a lot to squeeze in.

Something you should know, parking will set you back £6 per car. You need to pay for it on the way out, as someone will ask for proof you’ve paid just as you leave.

You then go through security and then queue up for tickets.

legoland windsor deals

Right, let’s talk about the queues at Legoland Windsor

We went on an Autumn day, on a Sunday, yet it was really busy and everywhere had long queues (I dread to think what crowds are like in the summer holidays). You can download the app which will tell you how long you’ll have to wait.

You’re looking at an hour to get on the popular rides at least. HOWEVER, even though we waited for a few rides that were an hour-long, I’m not sure we actually waited an hour.

I can’t tell if that is because the queues are quite interesting – there are films on TVs dotted around and play areas – so didn’t seem like we were waiting the full amount of time the app said we would, or if we didn’t actually queue that long.

Legoland Windsor Deals

There’s a popular submarine ride (it was our favourite), which said it was a 60-minute wait. It was the last one we were going to do that day, and we nearly didn’t bother wandering over because we were tired, but Oliver was desperate to go.

We got in the line, and we were queuing for all of five minutes even though the app and screen by the ride said it was an hour wait.

So I don’t know. You will queue, but it didn’t feel bad.

A criticism though – I wish there were more chairs or benches around the queues. It would have been nice to have a sit down now and then. Maybe I’m just a grump – but I always think, ‘What if my parents were there?’ It would have killed them standing up like that the whole time.

Legoland Windsor Deals

You can spend extra to push to the front of queues

I asked Twitter for some tips before going and a couple of people said it was worth the money to upgrade and pay for the Queue Bot tickets so you can go straight to the front of the line, meaning you can go on 2x/3x the number of rides you would be able to otherwise.

Legoland Windsor Deals

This is all good in theory, especially if you’re super into the rides, but I thought it was VERY expensive.

Queue Bot prices:

  • Reserve your ride time – £25 extra per person
  • Cut ride waiting time by half – £40 per person
  • Near instant access to rides – £90 per person

It’s a lot, right? We didn’t do it because the kids are little and it was more about the atmosphere and Miniland rather than the thrill rides.

Legoland Windsor Deals

I don’t know what to tell you, during the summer holidays, it will be super busy. So if you can afford it, it might be worth upgrading. It all depends on your circumstances.

Food at Legoland Windsor

A lot of you on Twitter told me to take some sandwiches to Legoland Windsor as food is pricey – but didn’t get organised in time.

We did take a big bag of crisps and some drinks which were very welcome when we were hanging around in the queues.

Legoland Windsor is clearly more than happy people to bring their own food because there are big grassy areas especially for picnics which would be perfect in the summertime.

Legoland Windsor Deals

There are lots of places to eat, which sure – aren’t cheap, but also, sort of what you’d expect at a theme park.

We thought about eating in the buffet restaurant which was £15 per person, and you could eat as much pizza, pasta and salad as you like which I thought was OK – but… the kids wouldn’t eat that much so that would have been around £30 down the drain.

In the end, we went to the fish and chip shop for a sit-down meal. I got battered sausage and chips for £8.50 – which yes, yikes on one hand, but then again, it’s what I expected to pay.

Plus the portion was pretty massive. My sister said that next time, she would have just got the kids to share one portion.

Legoland Windsor deals

I’ve taken a snap of the ice-cream and drink prices.

The rides

The only other place I can think about where you may spend money is that after every big ride, you exit through a gift shop with all the matching Lego sets.

The sets certainly aren’t cheaper than anywhere else (we were pricing items up on Amazon the whole time), although you can get rare mini figures which you can only get there.

In fact, people sell these online for a fortune! Also, check the app before you buy anything because it has lots of offers and coupons to get you a discount.

Legoland Windsor Deals

Now, this may sound crazy, but even though I LOVE theme parks, I don’t really like rides. Am I the only one like this?! So quality theming is very important to me.

I want to feel like I am a million miles from my real life, in a perfect reality – with no peeling paint, rubbish on the floor or rude staff.

Legoland Windsor Deals

I think Disney World in Florida is the ultimate in top quality theming and parks in the UK rarely come close to that (I’m looking at you Oakwood – what happened to you?!).

So I was looking forward to keeping a close eye on Legoland because I had high expectations.

Legoland Windor deals

From the very beginning, it was very professional. The theme park is clean, well kept and felt special. All staff I met were very good, making an extra effort to make the kids feel special (although at times I felt it didn’t help queue waiting times – but it’s a nice problem to have).

Oliver felt particularly nervous about one ride, and the attendant took time out to make him feel calm and explain what he could expect. The staff were great.

The rides themselves were really fun, and nothing was too terrifying – so if you were hunting for real thrill rides, this might not be the park for you.

Legoland Windsor Deals

Legoland Windsor Miniland

For us, it was ALL about Miniland. When my niece and nephew saw it, the literally gasped. It’s incredible.

We could have spent hours there taking in all the mini-cities, moving trains and boats etc. It is super impressive.

I asked Oliver if he would prefer 1000 V-Bucks for his Fortnite game, or one hour getting to play with the Lego in Miniland, and he said would ditch his Xbox! ha. That land is a Lego fan’s dream.

Legoland Windsor Deals

After seeing this, your kids are going to get inspired and want to get the Lego out once they get home.

Overall, I really recommend Legoland Windsor. It’s not cheap, but no worse than any other theme park in the UK. Again, let me remind you of Oakwood (it was the theme park I loved when I was in a kid, in Wales) is nothing on Legoland (though more thrill rides), and is £30 at the gate.

If you’re a Lego fan, you have to go for Miniland.

Legoland Windsor Deals

Mini Wales!

What I do like about it, is that you can make it as cheap (in reason) or as expensive as you like. If you go at a cheaper time, get a half price or 2 for 1 deal, take your own sandwiches, don’t pay for extras; it’s going to be a lot cheaper than if you go in the summer holidays, buy upgrades and eat in the restaurants etc.

Have I missed out anything? Any tips you’d add? Let me know!

*I worked with Legoland Windsor on this post (though of course, no-one tells me what to say on my blog!)*

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