Lost Stock boxes – get £70 of clothing (incl Topshop & Gap) for £35

If you love high-street brands for a fraction of the price, but also want to help out during a humanitarian and economic crisis – consider buying yourself a Lost Stock box.

I learned about Lost Stock on fellow-Swansea blogger Neesha’s timeline and think it’s absolutely brilliant.

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What is Lost Stock?

Because of the coronavirus crisis, we’re shopping less. This means that high-street brands such as Topshop and Gap have been cancelling their orders to factories in Bangladesh.

This is leaving millions of workers in countries like Bangladesh, unpaid and at risk of starvation.

Lock Stock is a fashion clothing box that includes both men’s and women’s clothing from these cancelled orders.

They were orginally destined for stores including Topshop and Gap, and are tailored to your size and taste, with £70 worth of products inside, for £35 excluding shipping.

t-shirts hanging on a clothes rail

Each box buy will support a garment workier in Bangladesh – and their family for a week.

All Lost Stock profits from the sale of these boxes go straight to those worse affected.

How does Lock Stock Work?

As much as it’s lovely to do nice things for those in need – you get clothes from high-street clothes, in your size and in your style for 50% the RRP. It’s a win-win.

Visit Lost Stock, select women’s or menswear and answer some questions so they know what kind of clothes to send you.

teal green knitted jumper

Lost Stock will then select tops, t-shirts and shirts for you that would have been stocked by stop high street brands and will otherwise be headed for landfill.

They don’t put trousers or skirts in the box, because it’s harder to get the fit right.

What will I get in my Lost Stock Box?

It’s a mystery. However…

Each Lost Stock Box costs £35 and will have £70 worth of clothing in it (at least three items of clothing).

Women’s clothes go up to a size 20, while men’s go up to a 44-46″, so not ideal for those who are plus size.

Lost Stock, of course, doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to love every clothing item you receive, but they do what they can based on the following information you give them:

  • age
  • colour scheme (neutrals, brights, darks)
  • plain or patterns

You can also send someone a gift card if you don’t know what size/styles are best for them.

pink and purple pastel t-shirts

How much is Lost Stock Box delivery?

Right, so you want a box – obs, well how does shipping work?

Shipping is calculated at the checkout, and products will arrive in 6-8 weeks.

I’m based in London and was charged £3.99 for a Royal delivery. But the delivery price changes depending where you are in the world.

Again, the whole point of Lost Stock is to help not waste clothes/potential save lives – so sure, it’s a bit of a wait – but it’s worth it.

Let me know if you buy a box in the comments or over on social media. Oh! also show me what you get. I’m excited!

I don’t usually ask you to share blogs, but this one is for a really good cause – so please do share it with your friends and family.


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