Missed out on a Glastonbury 2017 ticket? There are still ways to get in

For years now, I’ve said I want to go to Glastonbury. I’ve been to Latitude (which I LOVE), V-fest and ones abroad, but never the big one itself.

The problem is, I never get myself organised enough to sign up to pre-registration. Also, the thought of tying to get a ticket (they sell out super quickly) really stresses me out. But yeah, once again I’ve missed out on getting Glastonbury 2017 tickets.

The way Glastonbury ticketing works, is that you need to pre-register weeks in advance, and then apply. If you do manage to get your hands on some tickets, they will set you back £238 + £5 booking. That is expensive, but I’ve never met anyone who has been that didn’t think it was well worth the money.

If you did register, you’ll have a chance to get re-sale tickets in April, but they tend to sell out in a blink of an eye. But fear not, there are loads of ways to get into Glastonbury for free (or get paid), do a few hours work/or charity work and then see your favourite bands. 

Glastonbury 2017

Volunteer for Glastonbury 2017 and get in free

If you’re willing to put in a few hours work, you can guarantee yourself a ticket without having to pay a penny! 

Oxfam: A really popular option is stewarding with Oxfam. This involves anything from litter-picking to pointing people in the right direction. 

But be warned, the hours aren’t always sociable and you could end up missing the acts you desperately want to see.

Registration is currently closed, but you can pre-register.

Festaff: Through Festaff, you can volunteer to slap wristbands onto your fellow festival-goers. You are expected to work three eight hour shifts in exchange for your ticket.

Again, be aware that you can’t choose when these shifts are so be prepared to be flexible. You’ll also be expected to pay an administration charge of £35 and a deposit.

You’ll usually get the deposit back on completing your last shift at the festival. One added bonus, though, is you get a secure place to camp and access to separate facilities.

You can’t register until next year, but  you can pre-register.

Paid employment: Recyclers and litter pickers are recruited by Glastonbury Festival. These tickets aren’t that easy to come by, as the festival approaches people who have worked for them before first.

After that, new applicants are considered, although it helps if you’ve got a recommendation from someone who has litter picked before.

You’ll have access to the crew camp area, which means hot showers, a place to pitch your tent and free teas and coffees.

Oasis Carnival: Oasis Carnival recruit people to work on the outside of the festival site in exchange for a ticket. Jobs include looking after other people’s’ property, manning road junctions, giving people help and directions, checking passes and handing out general advice.

Volunteers are expected to work three eight-hour shifts in exchange for your ticket. You’ll have to pay a deposit, which is approximately the same as the price of a ticket (more than £200), but this will be returned when you have completed your shift.

Applications open in January – so note a date in the diary!

Medical team: If you have medical, paramedic or first aid qualifications you can apply to join the festival’s medical team.

Glastonbury 2017 tickets


Official Glasto tickets are only available via See Tickets. If you miss the chance to get tickets the first time round there will be a resale available by See Tickets next year.

Avoid third-party sites or agencies offering tickets or hospitality packages, as it is more than likely they won’t be offering what they say they will. And avoid ticket touts at all costs.


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