Breaking: Check your Nectar account as you could be missing hundreds of points

If you’re a Nectar point collector, log into your account ASAP and see if you’re missing any because I’ve heard reports that points are fluctuating, with some people losing hundreds of points.

The Nectar scheme allows customers of a number of retailers, including Sainsbury’s, BP and Tesco, to collect points against their purchases which can then be used to obtain a discount on future shopping.

A friend of mine who regularly checks their account came to me and said that she had been noticing weird changes in her account, and when she contacted Sainsbury’s, the customer service representative said that this has been happening to a lot of people.

nectar points

On the 10th of May her balance was 11524 points, the 11th 11944, which dropped all the way to 12011 then up to 11974.

The plot thickens…

So I took to twitter to ask if anyone else had had points missing, and yes – there are so many complaints online to Nectar saying that points have disappeared and that Nectar are aware of the issue.

I’ve been talking to angry Nectar card holders on Twitter about the situation and they are still waiting for a solution from Nectar.

Check your account!

Go check your account and make sure you still have all your points, and if not – contact Nectar to complain.

***I’m talking to the Sainsbury’s press office about the issue, and also waiting from a response from Nectar. I will update as soon as I get more info!**


I got a reply from Nectar (but have more questions!)

“Nectar and Sainsbury’s recently became aware of a technical glitch which means that some point balances people are seeing on their Sainsbury’s till receipts have not yet been processed through the system, and do not align with their point balance. 

“We are working on resolving this issue as soon as possible.  We can reassure customers that nobody will lose their points.”


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