I’m doing a no spend fortnight (I already hate it)

Is it just me, but there’s always something expensive coming up. A wedding, birthday, Christmas, dinner with friends… well for me, the list is endless.

Since about April, I have had something very expensive to go to (I’m not saying I’ve not brought it on myself a lot of the time by the way!) and July wiped me out, with my mother, sister’s 30th and boyfriend’s birthday.

no spend fortnight

All this has come at a point where I’m not very financially stable, so can’t quite get on top of my credit card debt, and I’ve not started saving money this year – even though I have cash coming in.

So I’ve decided I need to do something a bit different. I need to make a strict temporary change. I’m back from the last wedding of the year (it was a bloody brilliant one too), and pretty sure I have nothing on for the next two weeks.

No spend fortnight

So it’s not complicated or anything but from today (Monday) I’m not going to spend a penny (apart from necessary tube travel).

I spend the majority of my money on food, so am going to just have to eat what is in the cupboards (I have a thousand tins of tomatoes and porridge oats).

I do have a couple of Iceland vouchers (£50 I think, going to have to search for them), which should get me fruit and veg and essentials.

no spend fortnight

A money detox

I’m not expecting anything spectacular to happen, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to not only somewhat get back in control of my finances (it’s not awful, but I’m not where I want to be), but also give myself a kick up the arse – because I’m spending more than I have. A money detox you may say.

I also have a few things I can flog on eBay, maybe £300 worth of stuff. It’s mind numbing work, but it’s always worth it once it’s done.

I fully expect to hate every single day of this, because I love spending money (and eating nice food). But here goes. Wish me luck! Who knows, maybe I’ll do a whole month next time.

Have you ever spent more than a week on a spending ban? Oh, want to join me on this one? Let me know in the comments and we can keep in contact.


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