What I’m packing for the Caribbean

I’m off on holiday in a few weeks and I’ve started preparing already! If you haven’t heard me gabbing on about my trip yet, I’m going to the Caribbean for three weeks over Easter.

I’m someone who likes to be super prepared anyway (I can’t imagine being chilled enough to pack the night before!). As soon as the trip is booked, I’m buying a guide, researching other people’s holidays on YouTube and joining relevant forums to make sure everything runs smoothly.

I spend a lot of money on holiday, so I think it’s worth putting in the effort now, so I get the very best when I’m there.

Packing for the Caribbean

cruise packing

But with this trip, we’re going on a cruise half way through! We fly in and out of Barbados but wanted to visit St Lucia too, however, flights cost a fortune. After researching a cheaper way, I found a cruise that goes to St. Kitts, St Lucia, St Maarten, St Thomas and San Juan which was incredibly reasonable (see prices here).

What this means is as we’re on a cruise for a week, we NEED to be prepared because if we need to buy something on board, it’s going to cost us an arm and a leg.

So here’s what I’ve bought so far (please do let me know if I’m missing anything!).


I’m always tempted to buy a load of clothes before I go away, but you know what, I have plenty of summer clothes up in the attic waiting for the British sun, so am only getting a few new pieces – mostly things for the beach as I currently only have one swimming costume.

  • Magisculpt swimming costumes – I got a black one with a deep v and an animal print one with a high neck from Simply Be. I’ve owned a Magisculpt tropical one for years and seriously, it was a game changer. It doesn’t make me look like a size 10 of course, but it holds me in and it makes me feel incredibly comfortable. I think they are worth every penny.
  • Glamorous beach cover-up – this is properly ‘extra’, with golden beading from Figleaves Curve (from Simply Be). I think it’s stunning on, with shape and I can wear out as well as on the beach. I’m going to make this top work hard!
  • Gigantic earrings – I got these in Oliver Bonas in the sale (down to £5 from £28 or something!). These are exactly the kind of earnings you can only really wear on holiday so I will be making the most of them. I think they are pretty fabulous.
  • Summer dress – Another beauty from Simply Be that is light and made of that material that doesn’t wrinkle, so you can roll it up and shove it in a bag. Again, I think it’s another one that can take you from day to evening.
  • Ridiculous sunglasses – Mostly for Instagram to be honest! haha.


Beach things

  • Snorkelling equipment – I forked out £50 for two sets which hurt a little but figured we would want to snorkel everywhere, so it would be cheaper up front than hiring them on beaches.
  • Chafing gel – I’m not risking feeling uncomfortable! Better to be prepared, right?
  • Tanning oil/Alow Vera gel – with a high SPF of course. I don’t really enjoy sitting in the sun too much, preferring the shade, which means when I do sit in the sun, I want maximum (safe) tanning!
  • Bug spray – Because mosquitos bloody love me! And After Bite to stop me going mad.

cruise packing

Cruise things

  • Towel clips – research on YouTube told me that we needed them because it can get really windy on a cruise and we don’t want to lose our towels.
  • Sea Sickness tabs – These go behind the ear and I am seriously hoping they work (they have good reviews) because I’ve been seasick once in my life and I thought I was going to die (that’s a whole disgusting story involving sharks). I can’t handle that for a week!
  • An alarm clock – Bought a cheap one from Poundland because we plan to keep our phones off most of the time, so thought this would be useful.
  • Laundry liquid – I’m on holiday for three weeks, so not taking three weeks of clothes! I’ll do some washing at some point. I’m pretty sure there’s a washing machine on the ship.
  • Waterproof lanyard – I don’t know I’m being dramatic, but not sure I feel comfortable with leaving money/my phone etc on the beach, so plan to put everything in there and take them into the sea with me!
  • Temporary filling paste – OK, so this is a bit extreme, but if one of us breaks a tooth or something, I’m not going to the ship’s dentist (do they even have one?!), we’re filling it in and sorting it when we get back.

Is there anything I’ve missed out? It’s my first time on a cruise, and in the Caribbean, so please do let me know!

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