BREAKING: QVC online accounts attacked: check if you’re affected

Have you ever shopped online at QVC? Then for security reasons, you should consider changing your password ASAP.

Just five minutes ago, I had a phone call from QVC customer services saying that there has been an attack on my account, and it is currently blocked. She has assured me that no details have been taken, but I need to sign in and change my password.

I asked her if I was the only one, and she said that there have been a number of attempts, and a lot of people have been affected.

I haven’t signed into my QVC for over a year, and don’t use the email address that is linked to it anymore – so wouldn’t know about the breach if I wasn’t called.

The customer service representative said that it will contact everyone who has been affected, however, if you do have an account, it’s worth going in now and pre-empting it, and changing your password.

If your account has been blocked, that means you are definitely one of the accounts that have been attacked, so contact its customer services ASAP – 0800 514131.

I’ve sent off a load of questions to QVC’s press office (it is Friday though!), so wanted to let you know asap.

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