Save it Like Safe Hands book review (David Seaman’s money tips!) and a smashing Plusnet deal

Ay-up! Did you know that it’s Yorkshire Day on August 1st? 

There’s a lot to celebrate too. From Yorkshire puds, which are God’s gift to man, Yorkie Bars, David Seaman and his GLORIOUS ‘tash, and of course (as an obsessed money saver myself) the fact that people from Yorkshire are notoriously savvy with their cash – a trait I particularly value.

I’m a ‘Swansea Jack’, we’re known for having beautiful beaches and rugby legend Alun Wyn Jones –  so there’s a lot to learn from our savvy neighbors up north when It comes to saving cash – wherever you live. 

In celebration of Yorkshire Day, Plusnet has worked with David Seaman to publish a Yorkshireman’s guide to value called, ‘Save it Like Safe Hands’.

Now, I’ve been asked to review a million bloody money books in my time (and most of them are so boring I can’t get through a couple of paragraphs), so I’m here to give my thoughts on this limited edition ebook, to see if David Seaman can teach me a thing or two (and not just about ponytail maintenance!). 

Save It Like Safe Hands e-book review 

First things first – the ebook is available to download for free on Amazon on Yorkshire Day (Aug 1) and available from

The book is split into four chapters – The Savvy Speaker, Baggin’ a Bargain, Knowin’ Yer Worth and Turnin’ Pennies into Pounds and is made up of David Seaman’s best money tips. 

David says that you should ‘Read ‘em, live by ‘em and you’ll make some champion saves in life’ – so sure, let’s do it.

I’m going to pick out some of my favourite tips that really resonate with me. 

‘If you don’t ask for a deal, you won’t get a deal. Way I look at it is every ‘no’ is a step further towards a ‘yes’.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m British or just a bit of a wimp, but it has taken me years to have built up the chutzpahv to ask for a discount or a freebie. 

Haggling isn’t just for the markets of Thailand – you should be doing it on your local high-street, whether that’s in Yorkshire or not.

 What’s the worth that can happen? They say no. No biggie. 

Really push yourself to step out of your comfort zone when shopping. Maybe start with an easy, ‘Is there anything you can do with the price’?

‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’

I can’t hear this saying without getting flashbacks of my dad (with a big smirk on his face) refusing to buy me a Magnum because they are £1 when Mini Milks are 20p. 

I wouldn’t bloody mind, but now he has grandkids, he’s dishing out the Magnums left, right and centre! 

Honestly, growing up, 90% of my dad’s mantras were said just to wind me up, I swear it. 

That said, my dad (and David Seaman) isn’t wrong. Consistently looking at your daily spending – those few pennies – are what will make a massive difference in the long term. 

‘You can easily get two brews out of one teabag. Mash it, squeeze it, double dunk it’

Is David OK? Someone needs to phone the police, FBI or The Avengers or something because that’s a bloody crime. 

But seriously, there are a load of really good tips in there, so I would 100% giving it a download and browse. Frankly, a lot of us non-Yorkshire lot learn a lot from the advice. I for one, thanks to David, am now determined to become friends with my butcher (whether he likes It or not!) – because sure, I want free sausages. 

In fact, It’s just occurred to me that a few of David’s tips Involve befriending people to get a bargain. So what’s why they say they are friendlier up north! 

Plusnet Yorkshire Day Deal

And So Plusnet want to give the whole nation the gift of great value this Yorkshire Day, with this stonkingly good deal. Plusnet’s broadband is available for 25% off from 15th July to the 4th August – at £17.99 per month (usually £23.88).

New customers only. 

Full details here.

Why as a welshie, I’m celebrating Yorkshire Day

Look, I’m born and bred in Wales – but have always had an affinity with those from Yorkshire. This is mainly based on:

  1. We like gravy – a lot. I’ve made it to the grand old age of 33 without putting a dry chip in my mouth because they are meant to be smothered in THICK gravy and I know those ‘tup north will be agreeing with me here. 
  2. We both have some iconic hills – They have the famous Yorkshire Three peaks while we have Snowdonia. Never going to walk any of these of course because that sounds awful – but nice to know they are there! 
  3. We both LOVE great value. I don’t think I’ve bought anything in last 10 years that didn’t have *some* kind of discount. It’s an actual compulsion! 

But that’s the thing, we all, no matter where we come from (especially if you read my money saving blog), have a bit of Yorkshire in us because of our thrifty nature – and that’s worth celebrating. 

Collaborative post.


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