£4.99 Aldi Healthy Sea Socks – review

On Thursday 3rd March, Aldi is bringing out the new Springwear fashion collection for women and men in its Specialbuys section (including Sea Socks). Just am FYI, if you plan on getting anything from this collection, as with all Specialbuys, the items are incredibly popular, and will sell out quickly.

So when Aldi asked me if I wanted to try out it’s sea socks (They are £4.99 for three pairs, sizes 4-7, 6-8 and 9-11), I thought they were those rubber sock things which you go in rock pools with. Now I live in London, and any sort of puddle/pool here is gross,  so asked for a bit ore info.

What are Sea Socks

Ok, Sea Socks are bloody amazing. If you didn’t know any differently you’d think they were totally normal, but they are actually cleaning up the seas. In the LottyEarns household, anything that is environmentally friendly is preferred, but nor me (or my eco-mad boyfriend) had never heard of this till Aldi got in touch.

Eco socks,  are socks that are made from abandoned fishing nets (19%) that have been recycled into high quality ECONYL yarn. And derelict fishing gear makes up one tenth of all marine litter!

My thoughts

As I’m sure you can tell, I love these socks (have them on now!). I thought  that they might feel plastically, well… because plastic nets feel like plastic! But no… they are soft, and feel like cotton. I have been wearing them with boots, and they don’t do that annoying thing where the stocks fall down under your feet. The elastic is good.

I also really like the subtle design. I was brought up by the sea, so anything remotely nautical I love – plus, it’s a solution to a problem. Plus I think £5 for three pairs of quality socks is a pretty good bargain. What’s not to love?

Aldi sea socks

Lidl Sea Socks

Lidl Sea Socks

Lidl Sea Socks


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