How to stop smoking easily overnight – for £8

Recently I’ve been thinking about how much vices and addictions really cost. I’m not even talking about health implications here – just the cold hard cash it takes to have to do something at least once a day. After ignoring it for years, I acknowledged I was totally addicted to Diet Coke and have now trying to quit (I know, it’s not heroin – but it cost me £20k)

I’ve debated writing this blog post many times because I don’t want to guarantee something and make you fork out £8 needlessly. However, I HAVE seen this work on numerous occasions, and not only have  personally done it, but I’ve recommended it to my family and friends – the people I love – so figured why wouldn’t I share it with you.

Oh by the way, no-one is paying me to promote anything here (would be bloody nice though eh?), but if you ignore all the health issues around smoking – it costs a bloody fortune. According to the internet, a pack of £20 cigs now costs £9 (gimme a second while I pick up my dropped jaw) and in my day, I could EASILY smoke 20 – god, I could smoke 20 just on a night out. That’s £140 A WEEK. 

stop smoking

Who has it worked for?

Well, apparently Ellen, Richard Branson, Robert Pattinson and most importantly ME! I’ve told heavy smokers about it including family and friends and they all quit overnight, easily, and with no cravings.

I know what you’re thinking. Bullshit right? I was the same.

stop smoking

If Edward from Twilight can stop smoking, so can you!

Enough waffle love – how do I do it?

Ok.. ok… just building up a bit of a drama! It’s with a book (stay with me…) trust me, but Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking is LIFE CHANGING if you want to quit smoking. It’s currently £8 at Amazon which is cheaper than a pack of cigs.

So Allen – not the toothy comedian – a different bloke, thinks there are two stages to a smoking addiction. The ACTUAL addiction where you will legit be craving the nicotine, but once that is out of your body it’s ALL in your head.

He reckons to prolong the nicotine addiction with gum, patches, pumps etc is ridiculous and costly and I totally agree.

stop smoking

Yeah – it’s not this guy

The book also doesn’t lecture you on smoking. Like, he doesn’t need to tell you it’s horrible and could kill you – smokers know that. He makes you think differently about WHY you smoke.

So thats it – it’s worked for everyone I know who has tried it, and if you want to quit, I really hope it works for you too. Good luck!

Have you tried Allen Carr’s book? Did you manage to stop smoking? Let me know in the comments.

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