Thomas Cook drama – my parents are stuck in Turkey

How are you this cold and rainy Monday? Winter is definitely on the way.

Do you know where it’s not grim right now? Alanya in Turkey. It’s blazing hot and my parents are sitting at a bar wondering how they’re they’re getting home (it’s almost hard to feel too sorry them!) because their flight home was with Thomas Cook who went into administration today.

They’re totally OK though, just had a bit of a panic this morning while we all figured out what the plan was. There are many others who are worse off.

Thomas Cook employee?

My heart goes out to the employees of Thomas Cook who now find themselves out of a job and worrying about their pensions. If that’s you, this guide from The Money Advice Service will point you in the right direction.

Booked a holiday with Thomas Cook?

I know a lot of people have put down deposits on a Thomas Cook holiday, and are worrying if they are going to get that back, never mind what to do about the Direct Debits that might come out. If that’s you, or if you’re stuck out on holiday right now without a clue how to get back – this guide will help.

My parents went out with a load of friends to their flat in Turkey earlier in the month, and luckily, most of them had already come back – while hearing rumblings of the company going under while driving to the airport.

Because my parents are retired and aren’t at a hotel, it is a lot less stressful for them, especially as the Government is putting on replacement flights for Brits stuck abroad.

Because I’m a horrible daughter, when I woke up to the news – I couldn’t help but send this to the family Facebook group!

I’m not sure they found it as funny as me! Especially as it caught international interest with news outfits from all over the world asking to interview them on TV (I’d find that hilarious, but they didn’t seem keen).

If they really loved me, you’d think they’d go on and tell the world about my blog, right? Think of the views I’d get!

Whether you’re a Thomas Cook employee, booked a holiday with them or are stuck abroad and have questions – I’ll be keeping an eye on the comments over the next couple of days.


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