How you can help police solve child abuse cases by looking through pictures of everyday objects/places

[TW – This post talks about child abuse]

Not all of us are in the position to give money to charity or donate a load of time to help others, but we do whatever we can, which is why I have written this.

When I find a new way that people can help others, without spending money – I like to share it. Interpol’s new Trace An Object – Stop Child Abuse scheme is something most people can get involved with, whether that’s by clicking on the website and checking objects, or by sharing so others can- and it’s SO important.

What is the Trace An Object – Stop Child Abuse scheme?

Interpol (which enables police around the world to work together) say that it’s the most innocent of clues that help crack cases.

Maybe it’s a place you recognise from a holiday, or a T-Shirt someone you knew from school used to wear – it’s the small details in the back of photographs that can help the police save children.

With this scheme, you’ll be shown some objects or backgrounds which have been photoshopped out of an image with sexually explicit material involving a child.

These normal, everyday objects include clothing, children’s toys, books, gardens or even entire backgrounds.

Will the images be upsetting?

The whole thing generally is upsetting, but you won’t see anything inappropriate.

HOWEVER – although you won’t see anything ‘bad’ per se, you may still find the images upsetting, such as silhouettes of children, baby clothing or personal items. Please think carefully before clicking.

I’ve put an example of one of the images below so you know what to expect (I know I was nervous when I first clicked through).

The police have seen all of these pictures, have vetted them and have made sure that the identity of the children involved is protected – but they now need more help.

What are the police looking for?

Interpol wants you to look through the website and see if you can help with anything.

Do you know where a specific shoe or hat is sold? Have you seen that place before? What country was the picture taken?

You then give your tips to the police anonymously (please don’t do it via social media).

Again, this isn’t a typical blog of mine – but I do have a platform and reach a lot of people, so feel I have a duty to spread the word of this new scheme – as it could literally save a child from abuse.

If you could spread the word, I’d really appreciate it.

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