Zeek review – always get an extra 10%+ on online purchases

If you’re a proper deals hunter – always looking for a way to get a discount on something you have to buy – you’re going to love this.

Zeek is a snazzy app which means you can ‘hack’ the system every time you shop to get around an EXTRA 10% (I’ve seen up to 25%) off the item you’re planning on buying.

Really simply, Zeek is an app that allows you buy and sell gift cards online.

There are two ways this works – you can get rid of gift cards you don’t want or you can buy giftcards at a discount.


Get a FREE £5 to spend on anything

When you sign up to the app, use the code 2P7DERKE to get yourself an EXTRA £5 off the gift card you are buying (I’ll get £5 too).

But – you’ll then get your own code, which you can give to your family and friends which means you can earn some money when they sign up.

Selling giftcards on Zeek

Let’s say you get a couple of giftcards for Christmas which you don’t want (or a few that are close to getting to it’s expiry date).

Instead of sticking them in a draw and forgetting it, or buying something you don’t really want for the sake of it – you can put them on the Zeek marketplace and get cash to buy something you actually do want.

You just need to download the app from Google Play or the App store, upload your unwanted gift voucher and set a price you’re happy with and wait for a buyer.

Once sold and the buyer pays you – you’ll then send the voucher though to Zeek by registered post (the cost of postage will be refunded) who will verify the voucher and then forward it onto the buyer with seven working days.

If it’s an electronic gift card, it can be used straight away.

Zeek will charge the seller £3 for each voucher sold and you’ll receive payment within 14 days of the voucher being verified.


The best bit – buying giftcards

I just LOVE this cheeky hack.

99% of the time, people sell gift cards at a discount to get buyers to pick their card, over someone else.

So if you’re looking to buy a particular thing from shop, buy a discounted gift voucher from Zeek to pay for it as you’ll get an extra discount.

My thoughts on the app

If you have a giftcard you want to get rid of, there’s no point wasting it – but you will lose value on the card.

For me, it’s all about buying giftcards at a discount to get the item you plan on buying at an extra discount.

Heads up: Zeek gave me a gift voucher to review the app – but I wrote what I wanted. You know me, I won’t pretend to like something I don’t.

Have you used Zeek? Let me know!

Update: 23/07/2019 – Zeek have “temporarily paused” payments and their site has been inaccessible since March of this year. 

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