Can you find one? 10p large Yankee Candles jars in B&M (£23.99 elsewhere)

You ever see a deal so good you literally gasp out loud? Well this is one of those!

GO GO GO – because people are finding large Belgian waffle Yankee candles in-store at B&M. It’s been confirmed in a number of stores.

I promise you, these are going to sell out within hours – so get to a store ASAP to try your luck. It’s might be worth calling up ahead to see if your local has them in-store to avoid disappointment.

They have been spotted in the Bude and Burney store. If you find one, can you let me know where? I spotted this on HUKD – so it might be worth checking back there too to see if people update that thread.

Again, no guarantee you’ll find one – but it’s worth a shot right?! If you miss out, here’s my guide on how you buy them cheap.

ALSO – if you’re going, get the app (trust me!). People are finding £20+ worth of stuff for a few pennies with it. Check out my article about it.

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