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How do I get a bargain at B&M?

To get a discount at B&M you need to download its little-known app. B&M is full of discounts on big brands anyway, but go around the store scanning prices and the app might come up with a lower price, which B&M WILL honour.

B&M bargains app

You can download the B&M bargains app, for free, at the Google Play store or the Apple Store. You don’t have to actually sign up either to use the barcode – so no need to hand over your personal details.

Once you’ve downloaded the B&M app, you can use the barcode checker, which is in the menu to check price of the products you are interested in.

You may think the price on the shelf will always match the price you are shown on the app, but that is not always the case.

People have been finding incredible discounts and sharing on social media. Holly Vlog’s tried out the app herself after seeing people share their finds on social media and made a video which I’ve added below.

Check out Holly Vlog’s blog on how to get B&M bargains – with items starting from just £1

What kind of B&M bargains are people finding using the app?

I started noticed people posting their finds on Savvy Deals a couple of weeks ago. Some of the best ones include:

  • A wooden TV unit for £1
  • £1 ‘fake’ flowers
Fake flowers
  • 10p glitter lamp
glitter lamp

10p Children’s toys

  • Silentnight cushions

Tips on how to use the B&M bargains app

Once you’ve downloaded the app (make sure you use WIFI), because you don’t want to get to the store and need to use your own data could might cost you an arm and a leg – click on the option labelled ‘more’ on the bottom, right-hand side of the app home page.

You then should be able to see an option that says ‘barcode scanner’. Go ahead and click on it. This will open up the camera.

Wander about B&M checking out the bargains, and when you spot something you’re interested in, hover the camera over the barcode of the product (you know, those black and white verticle lines at the back or bottom of the product) to see how much the app says it costs.

Again, just because it says one price on the shelf, doesn’t mean it that will cost that at the till or in the app.

If the price comes out as lower (woo!), take it to the checkout and it will scan at the lower price.

Then – you need to brag online about your bargain online and watch hundreds of deals hunters rush out to their local B&M store to nab the same deal.

It’s the deals hunter way of life!

What does B&M say about this? Is the B&M bargains app legitimate?

This sounds a bit dodgy, right? So many times in my life anyway, I’ve gone to the till think I’ve got a bargain, it’s come out cheaper and the till assistant has told me to jog on.

But – B&M is more than happy for you to walk out with a 90%+ discount.

B&M told the Daily Mirror: “B&M has thousands of items the barcode scanner app which works great for seasonal and end of lines which have been reduced but not yet marked down on display.

So there you go, get scanning!

Will all the B&M items be discounted?

What I mean by this, is let’s assume you find a chair for 10p. The barcode will be a long number.

The chair alone isn’t 10p, every other chair with that same barcode number will also be 10p. Whether you buy them all up in one store, or whether they’re spread across the country.

From one bargain hunter to enough though, try not to buy up a whole shelf of glitch priced items if you don’t need them.

It’s totally up to you of course, but a deal isn’t a deal if you spend money on things you don’t want or need – plus sharing is caring.

No judgement either way though!

Should you bother?

This kind of this is my personal heaven! Scouting around, potentially getting a £20/£50+ item for 10p is how I like to spend my time. Sure, you can argue it’s sad – but for me, bargain hunting is my Disney Land!

I think you can go about this in two ways. Both ways DO involve you downloading the app – because what do you have to lose really?

The first way – have the app downloaded when you go to B&M, do your shopping as normal, but just check products that catch your eye now and then to see if they’re discounted.

If you wanted to be clever about it, aim for the seasonal items – as well as items by the till. Those items are the most likely to be discounted because B&M will want to get them out of the store to make room for new items.

What I mean by seasonal is Christmas, BBQ, Easter, Back to School items. Basically, anything that wouldn’t be there all year around.

B&M’s managers may also put products they want to get rid of close to the tills or at the front doors, so you can’t miss them – and then hopefully pick them up. It’s worth checking those prices.

The second way – Hunker down, maybe team up with friends or family, and get scanning EVERYTHING.

Scanning a product doesn’t take a second, so you could do a lot in an hour or so.

This option isn’t for everyone, but worth it for B&M obsessives. You could even target just one aisle, such as the toy one if you’re looking for Christmas presents for example.

Want more shopping tricks?

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Are you going to download the B&M bargains app? If you do, let me know how you get on.

If you do find something, please do let me know in the comments below, and/or in my deals Facebook group, Luxury on a Budget.

Make sure to include the barcode if possible!

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