Aldi Kirkton Tripod Lamp Review (£130 John Lewis dupe for £50)

Something that brings me a lot of joy is an Aldi dupe. It appeals to my sneaky/tight nature to be able to get something as good as a high-end brand for a fraction of the price.

I also know the Aldi press team somewhat well (I go to their events as there is ALWAYS free chocolate and wine, and that’s all it realistically takes to get me somewhere), and get the inside scoop on how it all works/where they are made etc – and trust me, the stuff is just as good (or sometimes the same if you know what I’m saying…) wink, wink.

***Oh before I forget – a big thank you to my niece Rosie, who modeled the lamp beautifully.***

Aldi Kirkton Tripod Lamp

Anyway, if anyone from Aldi is reading this – how do you get a job creating dupes? Because I want in. I’d 100% be amazing at it! First stop, GHDs!

So anyway, for the last couple of years I’ve been obsessed with home interiors. I also find I have expensive taste. If you were to show me 10 mirrors to choose from, every bloody time I’ll pick the one that is HUNDREDS of pounds more than the rest of them. It’s the same with calories – I’ll always like things that have two days worth of calories in the topping over everything else.

Aldi Kirkton Tripod Lamp

I’m in a million Facebook groups, including ones which are all about Aldi (yep, they exist!) and everyone was talking about this Kirkton lamp. People were obsessed.

There was the freestanding Kirkton lamp, one which I got (£49.99) and the smaller tripod table lamp (£24.99). It’s a beautiful lamp as it is, but people loved it, because the lamp is clearly based on this John Lewis one which is £130.

Aldi Kirkton Tripod Lamp Review

The lamp is good quality, and does look really expensive. It’s chic and would suit most interiors. I really love it.

I don’t think you’d be able to tell the difference just from just the looks. I don’t have the John Lewis one to give it a shake about, but the Aldi one survived my bashing it about in testing!

I don’t think they are the exact same colours though. The John Lewis one seems to be dark brown, while you can only get the Aldi one in grey and white.

The good news is you don’t have to go into store and pick one up (though you can, I saw them in my local yesterday), but they are also online too. Delivery is free on a spend of £20 – so yeah, no extra costs.

Don’t forget, with all the Aldi Specialbuys, you have a three-year guarantee – so if it doesn’t hold up to your expectations in three years, return it and you’ll get your money back!

Are you obsessed with Aldi dupes? What’s your favourite one? Me, I still love the Jo Malone dupes best.

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