Aldi Lacura Naturals Palette (£5.99) (Urban Decay Naked Dupe (£39.99)

If you’re someone who has an interest in make-up and I said to you, ‘Name me the most iconic eyeshadow palette out there’, you’ll probably reply with the Urban Decay Naked palettes. The world has gone a bit crazy over them.

The Urban Decay Naked palettes are £39.50 (ouch!), have 12 gold tone/natural shades which basically mean you can do a billion looks with just one palette. Even if you were thinking about splashing out – you often found they were sold out as there was so much hype. But there’s now a dupe! Let me introduce to you the Aldi Lacura Naturals palette.

Aldi Lacura Naturals Palette

Aldi Lacura Naturals Eyeshadow Palette

Just like the Urban Decay palette, the Aldi Lacura Naturals Eyeshadow Palettes are animal cruelty-free but are only £5.99 each. I’m no mathematician (I leave the numbers to others), but that’s 85% cheaper.

The two new palettes come in two varieties, as ‘Naturals’ and ‘Naturals Two’, with each palette featuring 12 long-lasting natural shades. They are exact dupes of the Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes.

I don’t think you know how I excited I was when I saw these in my local Aldi!


Are they any good?

So they come in beautiful texturised boxes, that to me, felt pretty expensive. The palette itself is white (not blush) like the Urban Decay palette, but is tin and comes with a mirror inside.

There’s a double ended metal brush, that is JUST like the Urban Decay one. It’s metal, a coppery colour and does the job. Personally, I use other brushes I have to put on my eyeshadow, because putting on make-up for me is akin to open heart, with a million tools, pressure and skill needed to make my tiny eyelids look decent.

Honestly, I prefer the Urban Decay tin packaging (though the Lacura one has a bigger mirror), but the important bit is the eyeshadow themselves, and I couldn’t tell the difference.

I had a play around, and found them easy to blend, lightweight, felt natural on the skin and provided a smooth finish. There’s a variety of textures including shimmer, matte and satin – offers you a load of options.

There’s a lot of pigmentation there, and you could really build up the colours if that makes sense.

Comparing colour to colour – I’d say there are pretty much exact matches. I personally prefer the Naturals Two set (which is the dupe of Naked 2) because I’m all about the shimmery golds – but then again, I’ll be using them both.

Aldi Lacura Naturals Palette

Where can I buy them? (Should I buy them?!)

You can get them in-store only, but they’ll sell out quickly like all Specialbuys, so don’t hang around if you really want a palette.

If you’re someone who has always wanted an Urban Decay palette but couldn’t justify the cost – I don’t think you’d be disappointed with these. The colours are the same, it’s not tested on animals, the packaging feels sturdy and they blend beautifully and have staying power.

Would totally recommend.

Basically, one tin will have you covered for a billion looks – so you don’t have to have a load of little eyeshadows hanging around. If you’re like me and a bit rubbish with make-up and need inspiration, literally just stick in ‘Urban Decay Naked looks’ into YouTube and you can copy those tutorials with your £6 palette!

Love a dupe? You’ll love these.

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