Aldi’s Jo Malone inspired candle gift set review

One of my most popular posts of all time is my Aldi Jo Malone dupe candle review. Back in March, the UK went crazy for the candles which were stocked in Aldi, costing £3.99 that were nearly exactly the same as the Jo Malone versions that are £44.

Aldi would put them in stock, and within a few hours they would all sell out. They were even selling on eBay for 3-4x the value (in fact people are selling these gift sets on eBay too).

aldi jo malone candle

Aldi listened and made the candles a full-time product rather than one of its Specialbuys (I still struggle to purchase all the scents) and has now released Jo Malone gift sets for Christmas.

You know what I’m going to say about them – I love them. Seriously, my house is full of Aldi candles. They have that ‘rich woman’s house’ smell! haha. They aren’t sickly and sweet, they have a grown-up, floral smell to them while looking very chic.

What’s on offer?

First things first, the gift sets are Specialbuys so sell out super quickly. They were launched earlier in the month so don’t hang about if you wanted to buy any. There are some Jo Malone candles selling online at Aldi, but not the full range.

You can buy a Luxury Three Wick Candle Centrepiece – £9.99, 700g – which is giant! I can’t find a similarly sized candle on the Jo Malone site (unless you can and I’m being thick). The biggest candle Jo Malone has is 2.5kg (which is 3.5x the size as this big candle), but I kid you not – £300!


Aldi Jo Malone candle

I tried the Luxury Candle Gift Set – £9.99 and 250g each. You get one Lime, Basil and Mandarin (my personal favourite), Pomegranate Noir, and Freesia and Pear.

The gift set itself honestly does look and feel incredibly expensive with thick embossed cardboard, and a velvety based which holds the candles themselves. The Jo Malone candles Aldi is copying cost £45 each, whereas you get three in the gift set.

Just like the last review, the candles are really brilliant. They burn well, smell beautiful and expensive and look really special. A proper bargain for less than a tenner.

Aldi Jo Malone candle

I also tried out the Glass Room spray – £3.49, 100ml, which was a new product for me. I got it in Red Roses, but you can also get it in Lime, Basil and Mandarin, Pomegranate Noir and Pear and Freesia.

Again, the packaging is beautiful and expensive looking, with the bottle itself being heavy glass. I adore the smell of rose in general, and this room spray didn’t smell synthetic in the slightest.

You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this bottle and a Jo Malone one which costs an eye-watering £45!

I can’t get over the room spray only being £3.49 and plan to grab whatever I can of them because you can’t guarantee they’ll be back.

Have you managed to get your hands on one of the sets? What’s your favourite scent?

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