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*It’s the most wonderful timeeeee of the year* Yep, kids are back off to school. My niece and nephew still aren’t back yet, but have had plenty of homework to do over the holidays. In my day, I really don’t think I ever did homework. Not because I was ‘cool’ or anything, but because you got the time off to you know, actually be a kid.

Well anyway, as someone who spends the majority of my time online I can’t help but be inundated by cool back to school stuff. Some are bargainous, some I just think is worth the money, and some things are just so cool I had to include in this guide.

Find Me a Gift

Ok, I don’t know what it is, but the world has gone unicorn mad. People are obsessed with these rainbow horses and my niece, Rosie, is no different.

Basically, these are the cutest unicorn stationery bits I’ve seen – like, who doesn’t want rainbow sticky tape (£7.99) and a pencil holder (£8.99). They’re actually adorable.

Once the rainbow sticky tape has gone, you can of course just replace with the normal stuff – so it is funnctional as well as beautiful.

Find Me a Gift has loads of quirky stationery bits (well actually, the website is huge!) so so worth a browse.


Back to School

Prezzy Box

This is maybe the best lunch box I’ve ever seen. Does it get cooler? Don’t think so.

Yep, you (or your kids!) can keep your lunch in a T-Rex’s head (£16.99). It’s perfect for dinosaur obsessives.

You just open its jaws and risk your own hand to dive in for a helping of food. These giant jaws will contain any snack you pack!

Back to School

Millbry Hill, Joules lunch box

Millbry Hill is a country living retailer stocking a range of brands, including Joules who maybe make my favourite clothes and accessories.

This Meow bag (£19.95) is so beautiful I was half thinking about keeping it myself! There’s a plastic box inside the cool box which keeps things like pasta/sandwiches sperate – therefore keeping it clean. I also really liked the boy’s version which has bears on it. Oh, and yep – there are unicorn bags too!

Back to School

Born Gifted

Want to make a kid happy? Show them a pencil case with their name on. I gave this one to my niece Rosie and with actual amazement on her face she gasped ‘How did they know?’

Born Gifted is a small online company (I think it’s important to support small businesses if possible) that has a lovely back to school range where the majority of items can be personalised.

Items start from around £5 and the range is huge.

Back to school

The Mover Kit, from Tech Will Save Us

I work online and have often watched the techy team with utter awe, as they are writing code.

The thing is, as time goes on, everyone is going to need to be able to write in computer code. I know I have had to learn. The problem is I’m too old and it takes forever for me to remember things and I’m just not very good.

Basically, kids need to learn how to code as the majority of jobs in the future are going to be online, so when I spotted this Mover Kit from the startup, Tech Will Save Us (RRP £59.99).

It’s an educational toy that not only gets kids active but also lays the framework for them learning about coding and electronics.

Really basically, its a kind of electronic watch. You code on a computer/iPad (kids need to be 8+ really, but my 7-year-old nephew managed), and you can make the lights do different things, depending on the instructions you plonked in on the computer.

So the mini programmers can make their own designs and movements with the kit, and programme it to light up when they run, jump, dance, spin etc

Back to School

The mover kit

Back to School

Back to School

Back to School



Poundland’s stationery this year is absolutely amazing. In fact, I’m a member of the Poundland Appreciation Society on Facebook, and they keep posting about the most beautiful rose gold staples, pins, etc

The school uniform is a bargain (though not a pound) but my favourite stuff is the Kate Spade inspired organisers and files.


Back to school

Back to School

Back to school

Persil Powergems

Ok, so you’ve forked out for the school uniform and now you have to deal with the fact your little ones come home covered in paint, mud, glue and all sorts of mysteries every day.

I’ve been using Persil Powergems which has just been launched this summer and they do the job very well. They come in a gem format that provides triple action stain removal, care and freshness (they smell amazing).

They’re available across Non-Bio and Bio variants in 12, 19 and 30 wash packs.

Back to school

Brita water bottles

Call me a wuss if you like, but I’m a bit of a water snob. Growing up in Swansea, the water is lovely, but when I moved to London – urgh! I really think it is undrinkable.

I have a Brita filter jug in the fridge which I adore but also causes 90% of the arguments in my house because the rule that you refill once you take from it is rarely adhered to.

Anyway, spotted these and thought these were perfect for kids who need to drink at school more but are fussy about the water from water fountains etc (because they taste like metal!)

The bottle can be filled up at any tap and the Microdisc filter (which lasts a month) reduces the impurities in the water.

They’re available in blue, pink, lime and purple and cost £12.

Back to school

GiftPup, personalised notebooks

As you can tell, I have a bit of a thing for anything personalised. Spotted these personalised notebooks and thought they were brilliant and cheaper than I thought they’d be at £7.99.


For slightly older kids and those in university, definitely, check out Printapp.

It’s free, and once you’ve downloaded the app – and logged in, you simply upload documents to the cloud and locate your nearest Printt printer in your student union or accommodation. As long you are within 5 metres of a machine you can print to any A4 specification – black and white or colour, single or double-sided – with just the tap of your phone. FREE.
 Over 80% of students will have access to a Printt app-enabled printer by the start of the academic year. Printt’s map will show you where your closest printer is. As well as universities, accommodation providers like Unite Students, Liberty Living and Urbanest have all signed up too.

Also right now you can get three months free of Printt Plus (usually £2.99 a month) for all new users that sign up in September.

Printt Plus offers bonus functions such as:

Unlimited files on the app; double points from all actions, so they’re more likely to win in the monthly prize draw; multiple document printing available; multiple copies printing available; and the scanner feature.

Six months Amazon Prime – FREE

Amazon is offering students a six-month free trial of Prime Student. For 2017, Prime Student has added brand new advantages including exclusive access to Amazon Tickets pre-sales and Prime Live Events, Prime Reading and AWS cloud storage.
Further Prime Student benefits still include Unlimited One-Day delivery, unlimited access to movies and TV episode with Prime Video, access to more two million with Prime Music, alongside student discounts on textbooks, Amazon Echo, Fire TV Stick. To sign up students just need to visit here.
Not a student? Here’s how you can legitimately become one for around £30 and get all the discounts.


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