Arckit review – the brand new LEGO-esque kit you need to check out

Every now and then when I find the time, I like to review and promote new companies and ideas that I think are doing something interesting (though maybe not particularly money-saving).

In the past I’ve reviewed, Simbrix, Care to Share and Bula Batiki and this month it is Arckit, which is like a super technical LEGO.


What is Arckit?

Have you ever seen those little models architects make on Grand Designs etc? Well, it’s kind of that.

It’s described as a freeform architectural modelling system, which is based on modern building techniques and a 1.2m/4ft grid (see – technical!).

The pieces click together a bit like LEGO and you can design and redesign as much as you like.



Who is Arckit good for?

My nephew who is seven is LEGO obsessed, so thought that maybe I’d get him involved with the review but oh no… he wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Putting together Arckit isn’t a quick thing (not that it’s super complicated or anything), however, the sticker section in particular, takes time and skill.

I would say it is perfect for kids with modelling interest from around the age of 12 up, and those adults who love LEGO but want something a lot cooler hanging around a house rather than LEGO Death Star that will set you back a grand.


What we thought of Arckit

The kit itself is very beautiful, with the pieces feeling like they are excellent quality. Even the stickers had incredible detail.

Like I said before, once finished – it isn’t something that is going to annoy you if you wanted to leave out. Like LEGO, you can take it apart and redesign, but because the models are so beautiful, you may not want to.

My boyfriend is an engineer and loves this sort of thing, so he’s the one that built it. He did say that the pieces were not as satisfying to put together as LEGO (they didn’t have ‘the click’) but it was easy to do.

We were also left with a lot of extra pieces than needed to put together the house on the box – which leaves plenty of ideas for new designs.

The fiddliest bit was by far the sticker bit. If you want it to look good you’re going to have to spend a good amount of time measuring and cutting. Yeah, we got out a Stanley knife and a ruler.


How much is Arckit?

Arckit isn’t super cheap but I think offers decent value for money (in the same way as LEGO). It’s stocked in a few places in the UK, but your best bet is shopping online.

Arckit varies in price depending on the kit. The cheapest place to buy it is at Amazon and retails from £34.99 – £366.


Other ways to get involved

Arckit has a Kickstarter too if you wanted to back the project.  You can pledge money and they’ll give you kits in return – it’s definitely worth a look.

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